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The popular IM+ messaging app for Android by Shape has recently been updated to version 6.4 with a handful of solid new features, including fresh emoticons and a bunch of new notification options. 

  • Support for Rage Faces emoticons
  • New IM services: MeinVZ and Gadu-Gadu
  • Improved interface: feels like Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Bulk chat history export to SD card
  • Auto OTR: option to automatically start Off-the-Record messaging session with selected contact
  • Sleep mode: you may set specific time when IM+ won't bother you with notifications
  • Option to customize "Contact goes online" notification
  • Customizable "Go to Push in background" timeout

Rage face emoticons are a pretty sweet addition, and one I could see myself using pretty regularly. As is, IM+ ranks very highly in Google Play, and offers access to a whole bunch of networks, including the big ones like Gtalk, AIM, Skype, and Windows Live Messenger, to smaller regional services. You can get the full tour of the paid version in our review, but there's a free version available too. 

Which instant messaging services do you use most? Are your friends scattered across many of them? Do you need an all-in-one app like this, or is it just as good to have a bunch of separate native apps installed?


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IM+ for Android updated with rage face emoticons, new notification options


Does it not do regular text messaging as well? I'd prefer to have ONE messaging client regardless of network type. Is there something like that for Android. I still miss that functionality from the days of WebOS.

I use sype with family and Google Talk with classmates. But I use SMS with everyone. It would be so convenient to have just one client.

Backward compatibility menu button... a sign that UI needs a upgrade :p

And good that they included Gadu-Gadu :) sinally can have one IM for all my services that i use

If I use anything other than GTalk, I use IMO Beta. Never did like IM+. Beejive was nice when I had an iPhone (yes, I admit it), but then got bloated and sluggish over time. Hated Beejive on Android.

was an avid user of Beejive when I had my iPhone and now my android. The "new" look of the 4.0+ kind of made me lose interest. There were quite a few issues with it, so I went to IM+, and and pretty happy with it. Since I log into yahoo (thought I dont know why anymore lol), Aol (same as yahoo!), MSN, Facebook and Gtalk, I need things like this and IM+ is suiting my needs perfectly !