After a bit of a false start this morning, Christmas has come a day early for you radio lovers out there. Clear Channel Radio's iheartradio app is now available in the Android Market for phones running Android 1.5 and above. That's the Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Eris, HTC myTouch 3G and the Samsung Moment. With the app you get:

  • Streaming broadcasts from almost 400 U.S. radio stations, including digital-only stations such as erockster, Pride, Christian Aguilera Radio, Eagles Radio and the White House Brief.
  • Frequently updated traffic reports available for several major markets including New York, L.A., Chicago, San Francisco and Houston.
  • You can set a station to play automatically when you launch the App
  • Lyrics, album art and more

More at iheartradio.com. You can download the free app now in the Market. Happy listening!


Reader comments

iheartradio brings the best of terrestrial radio to the Android Market


It didn't force close on my Droid...I never have the GPS on and it works fine without it.

App itself is great. Now I can listen to KFI anywhere!

FINALLY! I have been waiting for this application. Works just fine on my droid. I have been missing KFI, but now I can listen where ever I am. Thanks!

Woohoo! Been waiting for this app! GPS needing to be on is fine with me. I have gps on most of the time, except at night or while charging. Not too big of hit on battery life. Using myTouch3G.

Allright now I can listen to Stephanie Miller, Randy Rhodes and Ron Reagan Jr. on KTLK 1150-AM Los Angeles. Progressive Radio! This app is great for Clear Channel stations that won't play on other apps. But you still should check out AOR (Android Online Radio) - its free, its got a sleep timer, and gives you a much selection of stations and lets you add your own station URLs.

I've been looking for this app for a while. This is awesome... Second thing I noticed is how good that case looks on that android.

I wonder what case that is.. I want to buy it...

Nice....but it hardly has any local channels for Chicago. 4th largest city in the country....come on. I prefer the "A Online Radio". More customization for station links. Love my conservative talk radio.

Conflicts with Mobile Defense on my MotoDroid so I deleted it within an hour of installing it. Between the 2 programs Mobile Defense is more useful anyway.