Simpler navigation to access your new favorite stations

Popular internet streaming radio app iHeartRadio is picking up an update in the Play Store today that improves the app's navigation and adds both favorite station functionality and new talk radio options. The most noticeable visual change is a new slide-in navigation drawer that is accessed from the left edge and holds different "discover" areas along with the app settings and sleep timer.

Dominating the top of the slide-in panel is the new favorites section, which gives six slots for favorite stations — called "Presets" — to quickly access with one tap. You can add favorites to your Presets with a tap on the plus icon when listening to a feed. Also included in this update is a new selection of talk radio stations, which the app is calling "iHeartRadio Talk."

You can grab a download of the latest version of the app from the Play Store link at the top of this post.

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iHeartRadio adds new navigation panel, favorites and talk radio stations


It used to start silently until I picked a station. Now, it automatically plays commercials to start with and then goes to the last station played and there's no way to stop it so I have 30 seconds of crap to sit through before I can do anything?

If ClearChannel didn't have a lock on two of my favorite stations, I'd never leave TuneIn Radio. iHeart's newest update sucks.

I disabled that option too and mine does not do that. I like the update. It looks better

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