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We don't want anyone to get too excited and set themselves up for a heartbreak just yet, but a leaked document from Best Buy pins the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX for April 4, and the HTC Rezound on April 6. Anyone with a HTC Thunderbolt can tell you more about dates provided through Best Buy, and Motorola still hasn't given any type of ballpark date for the update for the RAZR and RAZR MAXX, which are still listed as being in the "evaluation and planning" stage. We've seen ICS leaks for both devices (the RAZR and RAZR MAXX run the same software) but nothing official from anyone involved. Both phones were to have ICS "soon" after release, but so far we're still waiting.

We want it to be true. We hope it's true. We're just naturally skeptical, especially when a third party like Best Buy is involved. We're sure nobody is trying to troll the Internets, but anyone who has worked in a corporate environment knows how things get fouled up. Here's hoping, and we'll know next week!

Source: Android Police


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ICS for the Droid RAZR/MAXX and HTC Rezound coming next week, says Best Buy memo


Wouldn't be nice if Verizon's loyal, high paying customers could be made aware of this through Verizon themselves?

No, they don't tell us for a reason: if VZW pushed out a note that said "ICS coming for your X on date Y" and then they have to move the date at the last minute, the outcry from VZW's faithful would shake the heavens.

WHAT ABOUT THE BIONIC (hangs the rope from the rafter and and loads the gun) good bye cruel world! ! !

Good Lord you'll get it when you get it. Or maybe just flash it on that wide open Nexus that is completely & totally hackable.

There is a soak test going out from Motorola for the Razr and Razr Maxx, listed as a new software, not "project" like previous soaks.

Me too I am also very eager to recive 4.0.5 on my Nexus in hope of a fix for very frequent loss of data connection. And by all means I could probly flash rom root my phone and loose official google support, I could even get my trusty search button back and I did root my old EVO 4G but I like knowing that google, samsung and the developer hopefully had my back if something goes wrong. In fact they only really huge thing I miss from having root was titanium back up(pro). Hassle free data backups for all your nerdy in app game purchases for Zenonia :-)

I just had an interview with a Verizon store. They told me that this rumor is true that Razor and Rezound will be getting ICS this month and Bionic is next month. So hopefully he was not telling me a line and its true. :)