Honeycomb and gingerbread 

Live here at Mobile World Congress, we just got word from Eric Schmidt that the next version of Android will combine the feature set of Honeycomb and Gingerbread. Schmidt didn't give any details on naming (we've heard both Ice Cream and Ice Cream Sandwhich), but it'll definitely be the "I" version of Android. Looks like some of our favorite Honeycomb features will be making their way to phones. 


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"I" version of Android will combine features of Gingerbread and Honeycomb


i'd be happy just passing Gingerbread and going straight from Froyo to Ice Cream on any device yet upgraded to Gingerbread. But once they announce Ice Cream, then it'll be a while before it's out on actual devices, so maybe not.

I'll keep Froyo since my Evo isn't dual-core...A new UI would be nice, but, I have a feeling something newer would run like Froyo did on my Hero...s-l-o-w.

Gingerbread runs great on the Evo. Try Cyanogen Mod 7 sometime if you're rooted. It's not in a stable stage just yet, but it'll give you an idea, at least.

It's not stable... i'll pass you can keep it... not that big of and upgrade anyway. I'll wait for the fully baked version 2.4,

The small details that make it better than Froyo are worth running the nightlies on my Droid Incredible.

The only unstable thing is battery life for me, everything else works great. GPS locks on instantly, video/photo works perfectly, and browser with full flash works perfectly fine too.

And yet some of us are still waiting for Froyo and were talking now about 3 os's ahead of what the current "official" release is on my phone..... I think Android is starting to get a bit too ahead of itself. - Epic 4g

It's not that Android is getting ahead of itself. It's that Samsung is way behind. Samsung sucks at supporting their existing products.

That's true. I have the Gtab and judging by the new tabs Samy is releasing I know that I will never see an upgrading of Froyo on this thing. I will never buy another Samy product. This is my first and last.

Exactly! Any release date on this? I feel this is still a month or two away as are the new phones too. Hope Cyanogen7 becomes official soon for my nexus one, it's time.

I'd be happy to just get Gingerbread on my EVO. When's that due, by the way? After Samsung and it's carrier partners get Froyo on the Epic? Or maybe they won't and just skip to Gingerbread?

I really thought that after we got Froyo so fast that we would have gingerbread by now. I am very surprised that we don't have it on the EVO. It's bullshit if sprint is holding us up over Samsung. I just can't see that being the case.