It's a great day to be an Android geek -- the Ice Cream Sandwich source code is now being pushed to Google's git servers!  This is the full release of Android 4.0.1, which is the version that will ship on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Most readers won't need to do anything here except wait for their favorite developer to get things rolling (hi, Beezy!), but those who are technically inclined and feel like cooking up a bit of their own ICS can find new build instructions here at Android's source project pages.

Two things worth noting here -- the code is huge, and it's going to take a couple hours to transfer over.  If you try to sync now, you'll get something that is never going to build.  As Jean-Baptiste Queru points out, it's best to wait for word from Google that it's finished pushing out.  Also, as-is the code will only build for the Galaxy Nexus, and it's going to take some tinkering to get it to build for other phones.  Builds for other products will be coming from Google shortly.  We're excited, and as soon as the code is done pushing, we'll be at work to get a version built for the Nexus S.

Source: Android Building Google group

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Benny879 says:

So my Tbolt will probably have ICS before I even have a chance to upgrade to the Nexus....haha. At least this will hold me over!

xemtra says:


vansmack says:

Damn. Time to cancel my date for tonight...

xemtra says:

did you really have a date now? ;)

Realist says:

i can't wait to see it on my touchpad

ZeroGPain says:

Amen to that !

bjn714 says:

Prediction: CM9 pre-alpha Booting within 2 weeks on at least one device.

Thermalx says:

I'm taking the under on that one, I doubt it'll take that long.

marcedhk says:

Crud. I was hoping this wouldn't happen till CM7 alpha 3 for the TouchPad was released...now they might just drop it entirely to work on CM9, which could take MONTHS to port...

Not necessarily. It might take a while for Cyanogen to update its own code, but I'm sure somebody out there will have a test build of ICS on the TouchPad with the existing code and kernel modules within a week or two. I'm tempted to try it myself.

frian79 says:

Oh yes! What a good news! Can't wait to have it on my Nexus S! ^_^

Held off on rooting my thrill. Bring it!

yoandroid95 says:

I'd give it next week to December for the nexus s and s 4g to update (my nexus 4g better be first)

patfactorx says:

Droid 3 plz! Best selling phone on Verizon!!!

h0ruza#AC says:

I've been running unrooted with GSII but that may have to change once the CM ICS is out. Woo hoo!

It's live, compiling now.

seanp666 says:

Does this mean we'll soon get the apk's for the new gallery and keyboard?

Those should have already been dumped out of the SDK. Check XDA, they should already have the full ICS system dump.

JayPhill89 says:

ICS keyboard has been around for a while now... http://goo.gl/DqAnI

Premium1 says:

Looks like the nexus won't be the first with ics on verizon. Well at least I will have something to look forward to if the nexus is ever released.

jmagnt7 says:

Any chance cm9 will work on my OG evo4g?

mdmitchell13 says:

absolutely, no reason for it not to. heck there are many old phone which are still supported for cm7 like the htc hero

mech1164 says:

That's what I'm hoping for. Have an OG Evo4G and done CM7. Looking forward to CM9.

derwin says:

I'm rocking a Nexus S and an HP TouchPad, can't wait to load ICS on either of them.

callison.168 says:

I literally have that same setup. It's a good day!

Crispy says:

Nexus on VZW - $300
Getting ICS on my Evo before Nexus is released - priceless !!

Driven says:

I thought ICS was supposed to fix the fragmentation issue and work on all Android devices, i.e. not have to have a diff build for every device??

.46caliber says:

That's not what they meant about fragmentation. Right now we have gingerbread on phones and honeycomb on tablets. Honeycomb wasn't designed for phones. With ICS, both phones and tablets are compatible. All types of Android devices will be on the same version. Android will always need to be tailored to a specific device to account for all the variations in hardware.

Driven says:

Thanks for clearing that up for me....I guess it would be annoyingly large carrying support for every piece of possible hardware.

jtcarnes says:

They're also quietly releasing the Honeycomb source. It sure would be nice to have some Honeycomb love for some of the tabs that have only had Gingerbread. It'd be cool to actually see a CM8.

crazycheetah says:

Not that that is a bad thought, but it is a little redundant. Ice Cream Sandwich is all of Honeycomb and more. I'm somewhat curious if it might work better than Honeycomb with the hardware buttons that most of those have as well.

Driven says:

Agreed...Who wants an outdated OS??

briankurtz79 says:

I just am curios to see if face unlock will work on custom builds.

Driven says:

Iknorite....I hate the unlock button being on top....ugh...My case makes it not so easy to push....

barzell says:

well i have a lg g2x. i just hope that nvidia release the drivers soon.

camilozano98 says:

Wait a second....
Isn't the source supposed to compileable on a device without 'tinkering' (you know, besides the compiling). Or has it always been like this???

koud says:

it has always been like this, need to have hardware drivers and so on built for the new os (for areas where api's have been updated). for some devices this might also include framework patches.

RaiderWill says: