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Thanks to the talent and hard work of our very own AC Developer Beezy, we've been playing with Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nexus S for a while now.  One of the cool things that caught our eye recently was the native themeing of the stock Android keyboard.  Built into ICS is a keyboard theme engine and six native themes.  Granted, the "stock" themes aren't exactly mind-blowing, but they do offer high contrast options for those of us on that downward spiral past 30.  More importantly, a native theme engine opens up the possibility of third party themes, maybe even downloadable from the Android Market.  We're all waiting for the source and official builds of ICS to roll out, but in the meantime hit the jump and have a look at the themes.  And if you're rocking your Nexus S and need a change, hit Beezy's thread in the forums and give a bit of ICS a try yourself.

More: Android Central forumsThanks, Brett!

Themes   Basic theme

Basic High Contrast   Gingerbread

ICS   Stone normal

Stone Bold


Reader comments

Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard brings built-in themeing


will be interested to see if the paid Gingerbread keyboard in the market will get an update that includes the ICS theme

What I don't get is why isn't Android as a whole themeable a la something like Theme Chooser for CM7? It would be a great way to make your phone even more customizable and it would be one less reason to have to root.

I'd like to know what happened with Blind Type. It looked when they were making their own standalone keyboard app, and when Google bought them I thought we might see some of that in the Android keyboard.

I'll be using slideit keyboard with my nexus, would of been nice if google would do a first party slide/swype style keyboard soon though..

As long as swiftkey works, Google can add all the useless themes they want.

But I submit there are better areas to spend their efforts.
After all, 3rd party keyboards provide real functionality. Themes don't.

I'm using Go Keyboard on my Charge. Plenty of premade themes but can apply your own backgrounds, accurate and has swype too. Cant beat it.