We've all heard how tablet computers are the "next big thing" in mobile computing. Since the announcement of the iPad, there have been multiple vendors showing their take on the tablet computer. ICD has announced their Gemini tablet that is set to ramp up the arms war in the tablet computing sector. With it's Tegra 2 SOC and 11.2 inch screen, this beast will have the power and multimedia capabilities to stand with the best. More after the break.

The specs on this are amazing. It carries a 3G radio for calls as well as Internet use outside of WiFi hotspots, as well as dual webcams for video conferencing. Micro-USB ports and Bluetooth 2.1 round out the tablet's connectivity options. Oh, and it'll run Flash....

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You may as well of not embedded the charts, when I click them on here they're so small they're unreadable.

afazel says:

Fixed :)

lb0399 says:

3g for calls, Dual cameras, micro usb and flash.. sounds like what the ipad should have been lol

tkfox007 says:

Well like all Apple products, it'll take 3 generations for them to get it right.

moosc says:

looks bad azz i could be talked into buying this

smccloud says:

I want to know when. If it will be cheap enough and come out soon enough I would rather get this then a zenPad.

Channan says:

So its basically just a big Android phone. How long is the battery life? This really makes me want one. :( And I just bought an iPad.

ads says:

*edit* oops, meant for post below.
I thought this until I saw a developer's view. Apps will be re-written to: 1. simplify the bloatwear down to what can take advantage of mulitouch 2. be inexpensive like the phone markets.
for example: to indent or move a line, you drag it in the word processor with your finger. Where there are menu options for things that can't be done by touch, they all appear in a (simplified) list/toolbar. No more dropdown/slide/dropdown/slide/dropdown pick menus, just touch the feature and use one or both hands to manipulate text, graphics, whatever.
Plus, other than us powerusers on forums, you have to realize that almost ANY given Microsoft or even complex CAD applications, people use 20% of the function repetitively. Giving my older sister a simple, move it around or type, browser heavy pad is perfect for her, perfect for older folks who wouldn't even attempt MS word.

fupadroid says:

i really dont understand the point of a tablet computer. if you have a laptop they are completely pointless. if you have a smartphone they are completely pointless. and if you have both, you have a shopping problem

Channan says:

I have a shopping problem.

Except for the 512 ram this looks awesome. Micro SD slot is major win.

atrpm says:

I will buy the EVO instead and wait for Sprint to come out with a 4G table ;-)

Johnnie says:

Hmmmm... I could be talked into this instead of a phone. If this runs android and I have access to the games/apps, I'd seriously consider this as a stand alone.

Anonymous says:

Just what i'm looking for! Can't wait.

Scotter says:

Wow. Nice device!
When they come out with version 2 that has the following, I'm a buyer!
(1) A gig (instead of 512) of built-in RAM;
(2) TWO micro SD slots; and
(3) Does it have removable battery?

Not as important but would be nice:
(4) HDMI-out

tkfox007 says:

All at a reasonable price I assume?

mlawlor777 says:

didnt you know apple is a marketing scheme. the three generations or more gag has america fooled. they just package it very well.

anyway... sign me up for one of these beauties! hopefully it will be around $500-$600.

johnolesen says:

this has iPad Killer written all over it.