Hyetis Crossbow

Pricey, but built with materials watch geeks will love

Ever since I talked a little bit about smart watches earlier in the week, folks have been linking me to all these great projects companies have in the works and in various stages of availability. I appreciate it — don't stop! But when a reader sent me to the Hyetis site, I knew it was something I had to share.

I'm not in love with the style, as it has that "hipster" look where i would prefer a more classic design. But the specs and build materials have my Visa card all twitchy.

The case is a polished, blasted and brushed block of grade-5 titanium. The crown has a rubber grip and the sensors are protected behind a ceramic and composite cover. The watch movement itself is a 25-jewel Swiss-made automatic built for Hyetis, with a 48-hour power reserve. The electronic specs look great, too:

  • High definition camera with optimized selection of pixels variable definition
  • Lens with optical zoom
  • Accelerometer
  • HD Microphone
  • Altimeter / thermometer / hygrometer / light meter
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth / Wifi / NFC
  • Tactile sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment
  • High definition LCD Dial Twin battery pack biometric sensor devices
  • Pairing with Smartphones running iOS / Android / Windows 8

The drawback is the price. The "Earlybirds Special Edition" checks in at $1,200, and it ships in December 2013.

I still don't know if I'm ready for a smart watch, or if so which one I'll be buying. But for the watch geeks out there — and they exist — the Hyetis is worth having a look at.

Source: Hyetis. Thanks, TeeJay!


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Hyetis is building a smart watch for watch geeks


Jesus. As an afore-mentioned watch geek, I have to admit I love it. And I really REALLY want to avoid smartwatches (partly because of the 'meh' factor), but this... this kinda calls to me.

(And personally I kinda like the standout style, and I'm as anti-hipster as you can get)

I dig it. My main problem with smart watches has been their ugliness and this seems to be working on fixing that. It may be shallow, but watches are and always will be fashion first and function later for me.

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Who wheres watches now a days? I stopped using my watches when i got a cell phone. about 10 years ago. i only use them when i suit up.

They need to spend some of their revenue from those insane prices on their web site. I have been trying for 10 min, still nothing but "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." after looooooooooong delays.

This is hands down the ugliest thing I have ever seen and you couldn't pay me $1200 to wear it but for watch AND tech lovers it looks promising. I'm still holding out for the functionality and clsssy look of hotwatch

Hmmm wonder what rumors got them to start on that project, samsung too!! But what they are trying to beat to market they won't match it until they see it and then get to copy the real thing like Google did. Thats one ugly watch with a hefty price, good luck selling it!

This is more like the watch I would buy unlike the "bend over" gadgets being built by Crapple, Samsdung, and Motorhola.

Hi, my name is Nis and I'm addicted to watches.

There, now that I have admitted the problem I'm one step closer to...oh who am I kidding, I'm still going to buy watches.

I've been collecting watches for a few years now and probably have about enough invested in my watch collection that I could sell it and buy a new car for cash with those funds.

With that being said, when I've noticed the market staying to flood with newer smart watche concepts I was excited and ready to buy. I decided to become one of the first backers in a company called Vea for their Buddy watch which so far seems to be a slight let down due to product delivery delays and lack of decent communication. The product though sounds incredible.

THIS watch though seems to top anything I've come across. But even a guy like me who has a small fortune in wrist jewelry, I can't justify that kind of cash for such a device.

Think I'll wait and see what might pop up that resembles these specs but doesn't resemble a mortgage payment.

Thanks for the good article though. :-)

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Why don't you cover the Omate TrueSmart that launched on Kickstarter? It is a watch that runs Android 4.2 with Play Store. Plus SIM for basically a tiny phone on your wrist.

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Black = blech
Plastic band = blech
Another cell bill = blech
No Verizon and no Sprint = blech
Huge = blech
Low res = blech
No inductive charging = blech
Screen durability?

Still impressive/cool, though. If it had a better glass/screen res/case/strap and an all carrier option, I might want it.

Yeah everything you said but I would like to add


a smartwatch IMHO at this point should be a compliment to a smartphone not really a replacement. 99 times out of 100 you have your phone on you, even while doing activities.

I don't give a shit what anyone says - that watch is SUH-WEET! Looks like someone's kids are going to be $1200 lighter in the college fund department...

Thank you all for your comments, as we said, feedback is a gift.

so, what is a watch?
For us, it s a time keeper that should be able to give you time in any circumstances. That s why we implemented a swiss made automatic mechanical wound in our CrossBow. Watch lovers would already understand why our price is higher than the other fully digitale smartwatch. I dare you to find a real swissmade watch for less thant 2000$.
Secondly, watch is man's jewelry, so we only use noble materials (Titanium, saphyr, ceramic....) to create this watch.

We do believe in tradition and innovation. We wanted to mix swiss watchmaking heritage with latest high-tech application. Our first clients prove that we were right to believe in this project.

Earlybirds campaign started last week and the succes is bigger than expected, that s why we had some issues with our website to handle all the preorders, but it will be corrected soon to welcome all of you to this fantastic adventure.

I hope you create some additional models later. Especially one that is not mechanical, which should help lower the price significantly.

Also, your website is a disaster of slow and lack of information....

I see watches these days as men's jewelry, something worn mainly just for style. I wear fancy dress watches all the time but hardly ever "use" them.
Now, these smartwatches are very ugly and take the whole "wearing a watch for style" thing out of the equation.
This smart watch looks slightly better but is still not nearly as elegant as a silver dress watch. That's the only reason I'm not going to pick up a smart watch.

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Optical zoom on a watch! Wow! This thing is dammed impressive! Although I can't read old people clocks...

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Maybe if I had trump money but even than I wouldn't. This is just crazy priced. It's a great looking phone though.

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The Pebble, the Kreyos.. the HOT!! Gosh, there are so many watches out! This looks interesting.. my fave is the HOT, can't wait to see how this stacks up.