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Previously bound to having a Hulu Plus subscription, Hulu this summer will be opening up their free streams to mobile users. As of right now, if you want to watch something that's streaming on Hulu on your mobile device, you'll need a Hulu Plus account — even if that show is free to stream through a desktop browser. Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins announced today that this summer that will change.

There's not much more we can say beyond that, except that the iPhone app is expected to see a redesign this summer as well. We wouldn't be surprised if the Android and Windows Phone apps also receive a redesign to match. Hulu is also still in negotiations with cable companies about integrating Hulu into their boxes, but there haven't been any signs of progress on that front.

In the meantime, you can download Hulu Plus now for your Android phone from the Google Play Store. Of course, you'll need a Hulu Plus subscription to view anything from now, and you'll have to be living in the United States.

Source: Hulu; Via: The Verge


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Hulu Plus to offer select free viewing on mobile this summer


It's hardly "free" when you're subjected to ads. All they're doing is dropping the ridiculous mobility surcharge that should never have been implemented in the first place, but they will never have my business as long as they have ads. I'd rather pay $20/month and have an ad-free service. Otherwise, you may as well be watching cable.

Yeah, I always thought that it was ridiculous that I could watch for free on my desktop, but not mobile. I didn't see why the size of screen should make a difference

I doubt networks would ever allow a third party to stream their current shows without ads. If we could watch ad-free shows on Hulu, even for $30 a month, that would be way more motivation than anyone's ever had before to stop paying for cable TV.

I stopped paying for cable 18 years ago when VHS tapes were the only alternative. These days, Netflix and Amazon Prime is the only reason people need, as far as I'm concerned. I will never watched commercialized programming again.

I pay for cable, because sports

Edit: Ok I wanted to be coy and leave it at that, but i should add, even a cable subscription and powerful DVR won't get you all the content these days... For years I was never able to watch AMC cause my cable provider didn't carry it over some old dispute, recently they finally fixed that and started carrying it yet at the same time they dropped a bunch of Viacom channels over some new dispute...

So now I can't record the Daily Show or Colbert, bah humbug. Oh and before you yell at me about free streaming, a lot of streaming services aren't available in PR over my broadband despite the fact that we're a U.S.territory with all the same programming (ironically many do work over a tethered 4G connection cause of the way Sprint routes their data).

I definitely get that. But the teams I care about (Steelers, Mariners) are out of market for where I live (Philadelphia). Steelers games are only available in my area maybe half the time, so I just end up going to a sports bar to watch the games a few more times a year than I did when I had cable.

Yup all set on paying. Tried it out and canceled fast. Seemed to be more commercials than the actual content you wanted.

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Will this extend to TV streaming boxes? I also use my PS4 and apple TV to watch on my TV and currently you need a plus subscription for it to work.

Fire up your PC/Laptop and you can chromecast it through Chrome browser. It's about time they did this for mobile devices. Seemed silly you couldn't.

Will I be able to watch Larry King Now for free like it shows in the picture? Thanks, Hulu!! Wow, you guys really have your finger on the pulse of the tech generation....

What does this means for paying subscribers? Will we be able to get the same shows on the free version? There's gonna be some type of catch 22 to this.

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