Huey for Android is the perfect app for those of you with Phillips Hue or LIFX lights that are looking to get a bit more immersive. Huey uses your phone's camera and microphone to provide ambient light effects on your Hue or LIFX lights when watching movies, TV or playing games. All you need to do is connect Huey to your Hue bridge, drop a quick few settings, then sit back and let the magic happen.

As your media plays, Huey pulls in colors and sound and matches your lights accordingly, providing a more intense, ambient experience. Depending on your Hue setup, you can totally color a room while watching movies, TV or playing games. Your Hue bulbs will change to match the action on the TV, extending everything way beyond your screen. You can get creative with all kinds of setups using Huey and truly make a one-of-a-kind media center in your home.

All you need is the Huey app, Hue or LIFX bulbs and a Hue bridge. Head over to Google Play for more info and to download.


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Huey for Android helps your Hue create an immersive entertainment experience


That's really cool...although I'd probably get distracted from the changing lights and not pay attention to what is playing.

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+1 maybe ok for a party and if the TV was displaying random graphics from the music it was playing.
Also it could work better if the lights were behind the couch.

Fix the latency and I am down. That is the best thing about the lightpack (though the lightpack only serves the function shown above and doesn't work for actual lights...)

I have a lightpack and hue. Would be really great if they worked together. Problem with Lightpack is that the video has to be piped through a PC. The new Philips TV looks really great for integrating that backlight feature, not to mention tying in with hue lights around the house. I did manage to convince the guy that makes to work on remote control for Lightpack, in any case. Would be nice to flip on the back of the TV with any hue recipies at the same time.

They would be extremely distracting especially with the lag. If the changes were instantaneous it'd be perfect

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Interesting, while at the same time really distracting.

It would probably work out good for parties while playing music videos on your tv, but for watching movies it looks rather annoying

Didn't Phillips have a TV a few years ago that had this built in, using lights on the back of the TV?

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To much of a delay, but i liked it when i saw my friends Philips TV like 5 years ago. That way everything is not to dark and you can eat your popped corn while watching the movie.