Ascend P6

Thin, metal-framed device to be shown in London next month

The Huawei Ascend P6 hasn't been announced yet, but the manufacturer has already given us the phone's name, along with a very good look at one of its corners. In images posted to Huawei's Facebook page today, the Ascend P6 appears to be a slim, aluminum-framed device with a flat glass front. If pre-release rumors are to be believed, it'll measure in at just 6.3mm thick.

In its Facebook post, the manufacturer promises "the thinnest, smallest, and one of the most compact smart phones with a screen that can rival it's competitors," seemingly confirming that there's a super-slim Huawei phone on the way. Today's shot also matches up with leaked images from @evleaks that have appeared in recent days.

Huawei says it'll "unleash an intimate experience" on consumers on June 18, which is the date the company's holding a big press event at a major London concert venue. We'll be reporting live from London to show you just how "intimate" things get.

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Huawei Ascend P6 teased ahead of June 18 reveal


No corporation can sue anything in or about china. The international community doesn't have the stones to ever come down on all the illegal things that china and/or its business do. From stealing intellectual property, hacking, copyright violations, you name it, and they get away with it. Not to mention zte and huawei have links to the people's army of china, and they have active spyware in the phones. Can't believe that any country would allow the import and sale of any of these hardware products in their country. Screw china.

lol @ evleaks, what is this kindergarten?

If they remember to put the capacitives on the correct sides then I may be interested.
Currently a lot of manufacturers getting it wrong.

I'm usually annoyed by Apple's lawsuits, but I have to admit that is a pretty shameful ripoff. This is a great way to cheapen your brand.

Agree about the lawsuit. As much as I hate apple suing other phones for "rounded corner", this is ridiculous. Of course, I have to see the whole phone before making judgment, but if this pic is true to form ...

A Chinese company blatantly ripping off a well known product?! You don't say! No shame whatsoever, and their government happily protects their practices.