HTC Sense on Honeycomb

Now that is up and running, it's time to see what sort of secrets it holds. And Android Central reader Kevin's found this tasty little tidbit in the OpenSense documentation -- more of the Sense customizations of Honeycomb.

Note that the picture above (and we've got more after the break) mostly matches up with what we saw from the purported HTC Puccini tablet screenshots leak, though the multitasking button in the bottom left was swapped out for a traditional menu button. No telling yet if one (or both) is correct, an early dev version, or what.

Otherwise, fonts is fonts, skins is skins, and it's probably pretty safe to say we'll see HTC Scribe on a Honeycomb tablet.

Source:; Thanks, Kevin!

HTC Sense on Honeycomb

HTC Sense on Honeycomb


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HTCDev site outs more pics of Sense and Honeycomb


Why is it that HTC bloatware looks like it was designed by some dude that just learned how to apply the "shiny reflection" effect in Photoshop.

Not only is it unnecessary bloatware, it actually *looks* like it's an overweight, superficial attempt to be impressive.

Give it up, HTC.

I love HTC Sense 3.0. I've tried stock, Motoblur, TouchWiz (unlocked International Galaxy S II) and Sense 3.0 is still my favorite. I really don't care if it's Honeycomb or Gingerbread underneath as long as Sense 3.0 is on top. I have an HTC Flyer that's just fantastic. It took a while to get used to writing with the stylus but now I use it for note taking all the time. I took it on a week long vacation and never used my laptop.

Is tunderbolt ever going to get Honeycomb or Gingerbread or what ever its going to be called???. Not hearing any thing???Any one know what is going on????

Thunderbolt will be ever get Honeycomb. Honeycomb is a tablet only os. The question is whether it will get ice cream sandwich, which is supposed to reconcile google's tablet and phone android oses. Thunderbolt logically could get Gingerbread.

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