Wildfire 2

Well, what do we have here? The week before Mobile World Congress, HTC has uploaded a promotional video to their YouTube channel, which features a phone currently not on the market. 

The phone's form factor is strikingly similar to that of the popular HTC Wildfire, which suggests this could be the second version in the line. The only physical difference we can see from the original is the absence of the optical trackpad. 

Our answers will all be answered next week in Barcelona as HTC is set to take the stage and introduce some new devices. In the meantime, we can bask in the glory of rumors and predictions. What do you think of the look of this device? Is the exclusion of the optical trackpad a good idea? Check out the video after the break. [YouTube]

Thanks @brodduncan!

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There are 11 comments

Loveeeeee htc!

Jjpp23 says:

Please don't let us down HTC! ! ! PLEASE! ! ! !

icebike says:

Either the guy holding that phone is huge, or this is one tiny little phone.

iPwn says:

I know! I was thinking the same thing!

mike340t says:

you read my mind.. I thought the same the sec I saw that

Coolaaron88 says:

The Hero needs a successor. That should be it

Lol the hero became the evo...

K1utch829 says:

this fone is hotttt n plus works perfict in Tmo

Go Android! says:

I feel glad to own an HTC phone. EVO!!

Update: Just saw this on a commercial!

I want Tegra and Sense in that form factor with an LG Nova display.

serpico says:

Too small for me. My nexus one is small enough and my hands cramp with it when typing. Can't wait to upgrade to a 4.3" screen device. A Dell Streak 5" is just too big to carry around.