If you've been lusting over the real 24 carat gold HTC One M7 since we went hands on with back in October, we have some potentially good news for you. HTC UK is hosting a contest and one lucky individual will be able to collect one of the sought after devices by simply following @HTC_UK on Twitter and retweeting their contest posts.

The contest is already running and will continue right up until June 29th at 23:59BST. If you're looking to enter, you can read the terms and conditions via the HTC UK Facebook page. As a reminder, the 24 carat gold HTC One has an approximate retail value of £2,750 or a little over $4,679 USD.

Source: HTC UK Facebook


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HTC UK hosting contest to give away a real 24 carat gold HTC One M7


It's funny watching the people on Twitter complaining about the spelling errors on the terms and conditions page. I couldn't care less about their spelling errors. Gimme that free phone!

Cheapasses can't even give away an M8...lol

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Lol, they're probably trying to draw down the solid gold M7 stock to make room for solid gold M8s

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Amber Gold M8s are only for posers, real rich dudes get 24-carat Ones.

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Oh shit! This is my chance to make it big! I'm gonna click that link and give you all my information! My time has come!

Yeah shut up you bot

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It has to be just a thin layer of gold over the aluminum body. Gold is $1,315 oz and the full retail price is just under $5,000?

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A solid gold phone is the ultimate statement of deuche baggery. Nothing says, "I'm better than you" in a restaurant like whipping out a gold phone on the table and leaving a below standard tip when you leave.
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