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I hate making decisions. I'm one of those people that when given the choice between hard ice cream and soft-serve, I have a panic attack. I love all ice cream! How is someone supposed to make that choice? So whenever there's an opportunity for me to choose “both” instead of one or the other, I jump on it. No, this isn't an advertisement for Dairy Queen. This is a review of the Seidio CONVERT Combo for the HTC Thunderbolt. Why choose between hard and soft when you could have both?

Let's break it down, after the break.

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The CONVERT Combo is a beast, providing three layers of maximum protection. Underneath it all is Seidio's classic Innocase II, which fits the Thunderbolt like a glove with minimal bulk. It's made of sturdy plastic with a nice soft finish that feels great in the hand. Its two halves snap together to lock in, so you don't have to worry about it flying off when your phone hits the ground. A little note on that locked fit: it's a task to get off. I spent a good hour on Youtube searching for tips on how to remove the Innocase II. I'm not being dramatic, you'll see for yourselves. It's frustrating and overwhelming if you don't know what you're doing. Luckily, I found the trick. Squeeze the sides and push down on the “Seidio” logo in the middle of the case. You'll hear a pop and the two halves will slide off with ease.

The next layer of protection comes from a rubber skin which fits right over the Innocase II. It's great for those days where the hard case just isn't doing it for you. But note: the skin doesn't fit the Thunderbolt without the Innocase II in place. That said, it does add some considerable heft to the already porky Thunderbolt. Personally, I don't mind my phones a little large, so I didn't mind sporting both layers. The skin has tabs for the camera, the headphones jack, and the micro-USB slot. And yes, I had a hard time with these too. I found it difficult to get a good enough grip to pull the tabs away to reveal what's behind. But most people won't have this difficulty. I guess it's time I stop biting my nails.

Feeling adventurous? Throw on that third layer to go really wild with your Thunderbolt. The plastic skeleton fits over the rubber skin for those days when you know you'll be throwing your phone around like a football. It adds another hard layer, which means that shock is absorbed first by pastic, then by rubber, then by more plastic. Is anyone really this rough with their phone? Shame on you! But I digress. If you're accident prone, you're going to love it. Remember, though, each layer adds a bit more heft. With all three engaged, you're looking at a borderline brick.

The CONVERT Combo also ships with Seidio's Ultimate Screen Guard, which requires patience if you're easily annoyed by those pesky bubbles. And let's not forget the Seidio holster, which is almost necessary when you're sporting all three layers. (Go ahead. Try to fit it in the pocket of your jeans. I dare ya.)

If you're offended by chubby phones, or if you're a skinny jeans afficianado, look elsewhere. And I do wish the kickstand wasn't so darn hard to reach under all three layers. You'll need something to pry it open, simple as that. But if you need maxiumum protection and are a commitment-phobe like myself, you're going to be happy with the CONVERT Combo. Hard, soft, who cares? Now you've got both.

The Seidio CONVERT Combo for the HTC Thunderbolt is on sale now in the Android Central Store for $47.95.

Seidio CONVERT Combo

Seidio CONVERT Combo Seidio CONVERT Combo

Seidio CONVERT Combo  Seidio CONVERT Combo

Seidio CONVERT Combo  Seidio CONVERT Combo


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HTC ThunderBolt case review: Seidio CONVERT Combo


Luckily the people at Best Buy let me try out the case before I bought it. Just not for me, if I worked construction sure, but this thing was to damn thick. And Im sure the Camera will have shadowing issues under 3 layers. I did like the first layer on its own. The Innocase II is very nice. Everything else is just ok. Too think for my taste. Nice Review tho!

This is a GREAT combo - if you want it....which is ALSO great because you don't HAVE to buy the rugged part if you don't need/want it.

I use the innocase II 80% of the time - but 20% of my work day is outside on all different kinds of terrain. Keeping the rugged part of this combo (and belt clip) in my glove compartment is just what the doctor ordered!!!! I LOVE it!

Kudos to Seidio! They get a LESS than warm reception for their "1600" battery, however.

I ordered mine last week and have been using it for the last 5 days. I like the extra bulk,seems to fit my hand better.I don't use the holster and just keep phone in my back pocket.