Details promised February 18

You feel like crap after you break your phone. If you've done so, you know what I mean. If you've never had the bad luck, just trust us when we say you'll feel like crap when it happens. It looks like HTC knows this, and has something to tell us next week that will make it all better.

We can't guess at what the details will be, but maybe — just maybe — someone can wring the answer out of HTC when their product team does their Reddit AMA this afternoon at 1:30 PST. Or maybe not.

All we know for sure is that phones are easier to fix than hearts, and HTC wants to tell us more next Tuesday. 

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HTC teases some sort of repair service (?) on Twitter


Yeah... I think you should give up hope one the Eris.

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I pulled it out the other day to use as an MP player while shoveling all this god awful snow. Wouldnt want the Note to get lost in a drift.

I had forgotten how much I hated that stupid trackball.

Android 1.5 Cupcake FTW!

I thought I was gonna gleen from your wisdom NoNexus but I'll come back :-D

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I gots nothing on this one.

I will say that it would be nice to see a quick OEM turn around service on repairs. I would hate to be one of those guys that has to send it in an be without for a few weeks.

Back when I was with Verizon, if it was insured they would jsut send you a new one and then you would send the damaged one back. Sprint is not like that, I have to drive about an hour if something goes to crap and have to wait for a few days.

I am interested in what they have. If they run like Verizon, then it is another feather in their cap. If they are like Sprint then not so much.

Enough wisdom/guess for you?

Another system I am a fan of is Motorola's. They will send out a loaner phone to use while yours gets repaired, and they are given the option to either replace or repair your phone at their discretion. Whatever can be done to minimize the dreaded repair turnaround time, I am a fan.

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That is pretty much the only new device we can't repair. I have about 12 S4 screens, a handful of Note 2 and 3 screens, G2 screens, Moto X screens, Nexus screens, and all the other parts as well.

Blame HTC for making the phone nearly unrepairable lol.

I thought my Moto X was screwed yesterday because of the pebble 2.0 app being a little wonky (could pull my phone out of my pocket and see the unlock icon but no screen turn on). Was freaking a little as I put my sim in my backup iPhone (so miserable) but wasn't super worried because of Motocare. Love the service. I don't like cases and this keeps my mind at ease of something were to happen

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Not sure why this is the case with Sprint for you.

If insured and it is physical damage or liquid or whatever, you should just call and file a claim, pay deductible and they overnight you a replacement with a return kit to send your broken device back.

If it is not accidental damage or lost or stolen, therefore not your fault and no reason to pay a deductible, then yea you have to have a technician check it out and make sure it is not repairable in store or accidental damage and they order you a replacement at no charge.

This could just be the extra revenue source that htc needs to amaze is yet again.

I really hope they get their act together and give sammy some serious competition.

Or this could just be something to keep us cheery on valintines day.

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HTC now includes spare screens? No that's not it, oh oh its self repairing on another scale-when dropped the screen cracks but a wipe over with htc's magic cloth and voilà its brand new hmmm lol

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If this means that consumers can bypass the usual carrier insurance schemes and just go to the OEM I'm all for it. I'm looking forward to this.

That's what Motorola is doing for their direct sales and I like what they came up with. It will be really interesting to see if HTC are going to announce a service that you have to sign up for at the time of purchase (which can become convoluted when you also have the carrier trying to sell you their own third party insurance solution), or if it is an inexpensive, fast system without any sort of opt-in.

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Depends on turn around and if your without a phone. I would rather pay the insurance and have it it 3 days than 2-3 weeks

Maybe in their new phone, replacing the screen is just as easy as replacing a removeable battery? Maybe I'm just dreaming, but that would be sweet. I hate the whole repair process.

"All we know for sure is that phones are easier to fix than hearts, and HTC wants to tell us more next Tuesday. "

Dude I don't know about that. Ifixit all but calls fixing the one a hopeless cause. That sucker is made to never be taken apart in the first place.

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ifixit doesn't have 17 yrs of experience either. The HTC One is unique, but it opens in much the same way as every other phone I've ever opened.

Looking forward to more info. Hopefully I can dump my carrier's Total Equipment Protection, which feels like a ripoff with its rising monthly cost and deductible for a refurbished replacement device.

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I hate to ask but what insurance company out there doesn't have a deductible???
I have everything from homeowners to car to insurance you wouldn't even believe there was insurance for...ya know what???? THEY ALL have a deductible and give out refurbished replacements for coverage, whether its a 3rd party front fender to the ladder on a boat. Insurance in general is a scam but at least it's some kinda coverage when you desperately need it.

Life insurance companies don't usually have deductibles.

Seriously, I'm aware that deductibles are standard with insurance claims. My issue is, both the monthly cost and deductible have RISEN on what seems like a yearly basis. Months of paying the reoccurring insurance charge plus the deductible is now practically equal to the price of a new phone. That isn't the case with my auto insurance (or my parents' homeowner's insurance).

Of course, the coverage is still useful, but I mainly pay for Total Equipment Protection for repairs, so an alternative from HTC interests me.

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Maybe I can use this to get the damn camera fixed, that purple tint makes this thing unusable any time except day, if the new HTC phone uses megapixel again, I won't be buying it.

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