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HTC has announced its unaudited consolidated revenue for Jan. 2013, starting the year off with a 6.4 percent fall in revenue compared to Jan. 2012. In the first month of 2013, the Taiwanese manufacturer brought in NT$15.54bn ($530m), compared to NT$16.615bn ($560m) during the same period a year ago.

The announcement follows the posting of the company's Q4 2012 results, which showed a 41 percent year-on-year fall in sales. HTC is now forecasting a difficult first quarter, with operating margins between 0.5 and 1 percent. The manufacturer will be hoping to reverse its fortunes with the launch of its first major Android phones of the year, expected to be revealed at press conferences in London and New York City on Feb. 19.

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HTC starts 2013 with a slow January


Great phones but I think its because they havent changed anything up on their software end. Its just more of the same with sense. just my opinion though

They forgot they're not Apple and removed 2 of the best features of a smartphone. And they kept loading every phone with Sense. I do love Sense but what works for me doesn't work for everybody else. I still think their problem is manageable but it's still up to them if they wanna make a comeback. It's time for them to cater to what we really want, not to what they think we want. 2 levels of phones a year, each level with Sense and w/o Sense. This should do it.

The problem is that we never know what HTC will come out with next. HTC is inconsistent with what they release. With Samsung, they started with the original Galaxy phone. They then released a new iteration of the Galaxy phone ever since. That also applies to Galaxy Note. We know what to expect out of Samsung, which has proven to gain a huge following

They also need to release a phone on all carriers instead of just a few or just 1 like a lot of there phones seem to be doing. Samsung launched the s3 on almost every carrier out there. You can't buy a phone if it's not available to you on your carrier.

HTC needs to cater to the customers not the carriers. The HTC DNA is a nice phone, but limiting it to 8/16 gb is ridiculous, just so verizon can gouge more money out of the tiered data ripoff forcing people to stream more stuff. Sense sucks, they need to drop it and use stock android, not manufacturer uses stock android and their is no reason not to, feature can be made into apps instead of a skin and if its popular they could sell it in the play store for other to buy and make a profit.

you can pretty much tell the data issue was Verizon's fault, since the Butterfly has expandable memory. It's a nice phone, and the design is aesthetically pleasing (love the large screen, no bezel). but I'd consider my first and last HTC device--I keep running into an assortment of small issues that aren't necessarily worth switching out the device for, but are nevertheless bothersome.

For one thing, I wish they'd be consistent with improvements throughout to make a well-rounded device. e.g. the camera is glaringly subpar for a so-called '2013 ready device'--I try to use FV-5 when I can, but the shutter is too slow. My sister's 4S beats and/or matches my DNA's cam in almost every aspect, especially in low-light. And yes, I know how to tinker with settings.