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HTC has been releasing a steady trickle of Vines and Instagram videos from its upcoming ad campaign, starring Robert Downey Jr. and an assortment of acronyms. Today the full version of the first ad has leaked on YouTube, giving us an (admittedly blurry) look at a one minute, 44-second cut of the first #HTChange commercial.

Between all of HTC's various vines and publicity stills, there's not much we haven't seen before, but it's still worth a look.  It's also just the very beginning of HTC's two-year deal with RDJ, so there's certain to be more stuff like this in the pipeline.

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HTC Robert Downey Jr. ad leaks in full


This is retarded, but I've seen worse ad campaigns go on to become amazingly successful. I mean look at what geico has done with a hideous woman named Flo.

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Funny how they don't talk about any phone at all. Most people don't know what manufacturer made their phone. To have heard it myself, some think Google, Android and Nexus are 3 companies.

Us, (geeks, maniacs, androicentral-ers, etc.) know enough that this ad won't change our opinion and we'll go "bring on the specs".

The rest of the world don't know enough and they will go meh at this, except by saying "Hey look, Ironman is holding a cat without his armor on!".

Note : Some people don't seem to read my posts completely, so let's end by saying this (if they only read the last part). HTC makes great high-end phones. I don't like non-Nexus but I admit they do a great job. I am not criticizing HTC's products. Only the ad concept.

I think it's important to remember that HTC is teasing this ad campaign, but not giving it all out yet. I assume there's going to be some sort of release or newsworthy event to coincide with the release of this commercial which will help rebrand (or just brand) the company. I hope this all works out well!

If I was considering an HTC phone, this would make me take another look at what LG and Samsung have to offer. Not necessarily a deal breaker but enough to reconsider.