HTC's unaudited earnings for Q1 2014 are out and it doesn't make for particularly positive reading. The Taiwanese firm has announced a net loss of NT$1.88 billion on revenue of NT$33.12 billion. This is way down on the modest profit made in the final quarter of 2013, though there are factors to consider.

Namely the brand new HTC One M8 was only on sale for about a week of the first quarter. As such we'll not see any potential impact it's going to have on HTC's financials for another three months. Initial reception has been good, though, but it's still too early to tell whether or not it will help HTC begin to turn things around.

Other than that, there's little else been released from HTC at this time, and we'll update if any further information becomes available.

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HTC Q1 2014 earnings show sizeable losses once more


Ouch, I wish you could turn it around HTC but you keep shooting yourself in the foot.

Unlike T-Mobile, I hope no one buys you out...... But I do not see another way for you to survive

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Who do you think should buy them out just wondering cause just making phones isn't going to cut it to compete with Samsung, LG, and Sony those guys sell everything from tv's and microwaves to laptops and fridges they have there names everywhere you go and the only place you see an Htc logo is on the front of there phone. Some have said Asus or Acer I can't remember which one of those companies is from Taiwan would that be a good fit since there from the same country?

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Well, Sony bought Ericsson, so if HTC can't survive , they need a Giant of that kind to take care of them. I hope not Asus or Acer, because their quality control and customer service are the worst in the world.

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Asus QC is one of the best in the world, while Acer was really bad but I don't know if they have improve yet since I haven't buy anything from Acer for a long time.

When I said Asus I meant mobile - N7 2012 and 2013. Horrible quality control and customer service.
Acer laptops are good if you don't really use them. Otherwise, things are falling off.

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Panasonic? Vizio?

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Reading comprehension, how does it work?

T-Mobile is still getting bought, I am hoping that HTC doesn't.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Put your money where your mouth is. You didn't just say they were going to be bought. You said specifically that Sprint was going to buy them. Now you are equivocating. Coward.

Yes because I am so much of a fan boy that I have nothing good to say about any other phones, nor do I ever put anything down on Samsung phones. /s
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No i didn't mention who was going to buy them in this comment thread at all. Again, for the record idiot, Sprint will be putting a bid in to buy T-Mobile that will be accepted by T-Mobile.

Can you stick to the topic? The point of my original post is that I hope HTC does not get bought

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God I wish they could get their heads out of their asses. I think they deliver a nice product, but they better start doing it while being able to turn a profit soon!!

Really sad when a great company can't make decent profit thanks to some giants who gobble up all the market share

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So they should make there phone look like sh#t? Intresting theory......the worse the phone looks the "Greater" the company. Who knew.

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He must have been sitting right next to me lol. I just love the grammar police on these sites.

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So, it's not HTC's fault for sinking? It's "some giants" fault? I love HTC products but if they can't hang they can't hang. You want to punish other companies so HTC can survive? Dumb

Look what Walmart did/does to small businesses. Same game in in the mobile world. Giant Monsters are ever growing.
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They make the best (or at the very least one of the best) top end phones around as far as I, and most reviewers it would seem, are concerned and they deserve to be competing directly with companies like Samsung on sales.
They just need to sort out the marketing and the public need to broaden their horizons a bit.

I'm not some blind fanboy but I absolutely believe that HTC deserve better for the, in the main, top quality products they produce.

There's really no question about it. But there were a few years (2010-2012) where HTC really didn't innovate much while their competitors did and, in the end, they're suffering from that. Currently they're my favorite OEM, which makes the whole ordeal even worse. I bought an M8 and it is by far the best phone I've ever used. Sense is refined and as smooth as stock Android (maybe even smoother) and the features added actually strengthen the experience of the phone unlike Samsung's model of adding large amounts of "features." It just sucks for HTC that as soon as they start really trying, no one will buy their devices.

So the best phone around is just a paper weight to you?

Wow you must have some insanely high standards, either that or money to burn and use highly accomplished pieces of tech for menial tasks.

Think I'll stick to using mine as a smartphone cheers ;)

It is not the best phone around for a lot of people

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Just cause you like a phone doesn't make it the best around. Of all the currently announced Android flagships, the M8 is by far the last one I'd get.

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It's not just because I think it's the best phone around, it's also because every tech review site I've seen has also stated it to be so.

I appreciate that everyone has their own needs and likes but for the majority of people the HTC should be top of the list.

This is what happens when you have a phone with a low megapixel count, huge bezels, metal construction, non-removable battery, and whatever else their competitors have. HTC will be gone by June, which is a good thing, since the fanboy wars will end and things can get back to normal. Sacsraca

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Samsung is ticking all of the boxes that Android fans want. HTC thinks they can do it better. They can't pull an Apple and tell us what we want. The Ultrapixel era has turned into the Ultrapixel error.

Low megapixel count means nothing to the average consumer who's pics never leave their device. They just THINK it means something. Removable battery means nothing seeing as how the iPhone has never had one. They make a damn good product. It's all about name recognition. I hear people who have never seen a Galaxy want one because they see it on tv. Not because it's the better phone...but because they see it more.

Brand recognition is a big reason. I head a girl complaining about her old iPhone 4 and how slow it was and how it always crashes, then she says she will get the new iPhone this summer... She doesn't want to learn how to use a Samsung, even though iPhone still has these problems. What? Stick with the crappy phone you're comfortable with because the only other option is a Samsung? Consumers are very uninformed and they just don't care to find the info themselves.

I'm thinking people who say this have never actually use an M8.

I bought one over the weekend. Compared to the GS5 that was right next to (available for display, but not purchase), the M8 feels like a premium device. The GS5 doesn't.

People gripe about the camera but go read the pics taken with the M8 thread over at XDA. Then tell me the pics are crap. Megapixels aren't everything. Cell cameras in general are more for quick shots when you don't have a camera. If you want great pics, go buy a real camera.

Yes, the camera takes some tweaking to use, but the pics coming off of it are fantastic.

Huge bezel? Meh, I don't even notice it. I would have preferred capacitive buttons but not a big deal.

Non-removable battery inhibiting sales? One word: iPhone. I've never had to replace a battery on any phone I've owned. Only place it's been nice to have is when a custom ROM got hung up and I needed to pull the battery.

Metal construction? I love it. Feels like a premium phone. A lot are griping that Samsung DIDN'T make the GS5 out of metal. And this is a gripe? Please.

Add to this that you can dev unlock the M8 and now there's S-OFF for it while Samsung is locking down the bootloaders and putting the Knox crap on it, and you have the makings of a great phone.

I'm sure the GS5 will outsell HTC because it's Sammy and everyone knows them. Sammy is the Apple of the Android world, just not as litigious and closed. Many just buy what they put out because they're the biggest. My wife's that way - she won't look at anything but a Samsung phone. It's a shame, because there are a lot of great phones out there from Moto, LG, Sony, and HTC that don't get a second look because of it.

Competition is good. I want HTC and others to challenge Sammy to do better. Less competition is bad for everyone.

*I'd post the link, but the site thinks anything with a link it is spam, apparently. Ridiculous.

I keep seeing people talk about the premium feel of the device, but I - and, yes, I have an M8 - and most people use a case. So, I don't get to feel the phone in my hand, just the plastic on the case. So, I just don't get that metal vs. plastic argument since, in my experience, most (not all, but most) people slap on a case anyway.

The whole premium feeling argument is just crap that blind Samsung haters use to bash their devices. Even tho plastic has several advantages over aluminum.

Also, you really think HTC is even using "premium" aluminum when they're losing this much money? I doubt that.

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They need new leadership. Their current team has lead them to this. As someone said, this performance was based on decisions made years ago. Bigger batteries and SD card should have been in the devices 2 years ago because Samsung started to dominate on those features. Not saying it is the same now but I noticed the M8 has an SD card...
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I think you guys are a little short-sighted on why the company is struggling. HTC makes phones. Period. Look at all the other products that Samsung and Apple have their fingers into. We have seen this movie before with other companies that made great phones (Palm), but could not compete because the economic reality is, you have to be more diversified.

I hope that HTC makes it. Without question, they made the best phone of 2013, in my opinion. However, it takes more than that, unfortunately.

QFT!!! +1000

Let them tell it and they'll preach SD Cards and removable batteries all day.. *cough* *cough* iPhone.
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I don't think it would've hurt them to provide it, no?!?! I know that most people here say the iphone was successful without those things (SD card, Remov. Bat.) but HTC is not Apple! HTC tries to hard to follow the Apple path of success but its not working for them. I for one will not use any device that doesn't provide me with an SD card slot and removable battery. Samsung does which is why they control the market, IMO. They give me and millions of others what we want. I actually welcome other manufacturers to do the same so I can venture away from Samsung!

No, it would not hurt at all. Unfortunately, it is hard to prove if adding or omitting those features would have a significant impact (positive or negative) on their profits.

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+1. Samsung has become the Apple of the Android world.

Unlike the iPhone world, Android at least has several little guys so we're not stuck with Samsung.

Except Samsung is different from Apple. Apple doesn't innovate or even come up with original ideas. Samsung makes great devices and they don't waste time with gimmicks like Ultrapixels or pretentious crap like making metal phones. They give people what they want and it works for them.

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They also make good phones. Your right though, Sony, HTC and LG make good ones as well but cannot really dent the market. I would love for Samsung to have a disaster just to even the market out a bit. If the other oems do not have the money from sales, it is tough to do r&d

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Will HTC finally turn a decent profit with the M8? Or will they end up like Motorola today?

Find out on the next episode of DragonBall Z!!!!!!!!!
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Damn you. Now I have that guitar riff stuck in my head....lmbo!!!

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A 1400mAh battery in the thunderbolt was the start of the downfall...A friend of mine had one and they joked you could see the battery gauge decreasing by the minute. U made a note never to get an HTC. I do not feel that way now and would get a developers M8 if it was 499 not doing 700 for phones anymore... Not with the moto x and nexus 5 around.
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I had that phone! Prior to it getting Gingerbread (released with Froyo) it wasn't kind to the battery at all. I ended up having to use the extended battery (2700mAh) for a while with that ugly battery door hump. It was quite a Frankenstein kind of device though considering it was Verizon and HTC's first LTE phone. But yeah, HTC blundered with it by putting in such a skimpy battery. I'm sure that turned a lot of people off from HTC. Then they ditched the user-replaceable battery and went with a sealed/embedded one, yet still tended to skimp on battery capacity. Again how many did that turn off from HTC? They continually seem to shoot themselves in the foot.

While I agree that the T-bolt had bad battery life, many phones of that era had small batteries in them (around 1500 mah). Many had a harder time getting thru the day without LTE.

Early LTE solutions had two chips - more circuitry to suck what little juice there already was. It was a recipe for disaster.

It's gotten better over time as both battery tech and LTE tech have improved. I don't know that anyone else could have done much better at the time.

HTC just was first, and subsequently got a bad rap.

It had two chips because it was Verizon. I had the first LTE device on att the skyrocket galaxy S2 and it had a bigger than 1500 mAh battery. The battery life was pretty good for an LTE device.
The question is why did HTC set themselves up for failure know that it had two chip to power in the thunderbolt? Oh well hindsight is 20/20
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I agree.. The battery life was so horrible on that & other HTC phones that HTC became known for having bad battery life by just regular ppl who told themselves never to buy another one again.

Well that's good news. HTC dies this year and the repeats will end. Next year will be awesome without HTC around.

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Douchebags control the comment sections of this site. Might as well deactivate your account cause it's only getting worse.

No no no.. my mistake. I didn't include the /S at the end. I was mocking the doom and gloom crowd.

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Everybody and their mothers are making tablets these days except HTC. Can't they make a couple of decent tablets to monetize on this trend?

The new commercial with Gary (Oldman?) is beyond terrible.... Who the hell at HTC thinks that blah blah blah blah blah is going to help them sell the M8? You don't have to be a marketing wizard to see how idiotic that is.

+a billion!

That commercial is part of the reason for their losses. I mean how hard is it to put a smart ad out that maybe highlights some of the Ones best differentiating features from the competition, how it benefits your life, and why it's special? Instead, let's use some brooding dark babbling old dude, who I can guarantee most young people have no idea who he is, advertise for a new device!! That's not connecting at all with your buying audience, and it leads to sales failures. Do they not understand the basic fundamental that technology buying is primarily a young people's game and that trying to sell the latest device from someone that looks like your grandpa is not going to go over well!!! I mean if that's the best HTC can do to get the word out maybe they deserve to fail.

What's next HTC? Might as well include a bottle of Old Spice and some sensible walking shoes in the box of your devices!

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Young people haven't seen the Batman trilogy and Harry Potter?

Who should they get to advertise for then then? Selena Gomez?

+1. This is the reason that HTC is failing. If you actually tried one of their products, you might like it. (I love my M7) but how is "blah, blah, blah" going to convince you do do that?

Are they using the same marketing firm that introduced us (or scared us with) the Palm Pre Creapy Lady?

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if the CEO had any shame he would have performed seppuku long ago.

do you hear me Chou???????????????????

Like the article says, we will need to wait and see how their numbers look at the end of the next quarter. Their numbers now are not impacted by sales of the M8.

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I'm being serious with this comment (unlike my usual sarcastic ones). If HTC can somehow manage to take the admiration, accolades, and popularity that they have within the technical community and get that to transfer over to the general buying public, I personally believe that they can have a sustainable effort to improving their profits.

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I think their Beats Audio aquisition got some ppl listening but they didn't push that enough and now that they lost it they can't use that to show the younger audience that what they have is a cool product. Say what u want about Beats but it would have been a good marketing tool to gain attention. They could have gotten more artists in the advertisements but instead they went with RDJ telling them how many words HTC could stand for and nobody cared.

As a former Eris and Thunderbolt owner, I see only karma at work here. I don't care how good the HTC One is.

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HTC shot themselves in the foot the minute that they attempted to emulate Apple. Their biggest hit was the HTC EVO which was absolutely the anti-iphone in every sense of the word.

It wasn't pretty but it had a removable battery SD card slot, kick stand, 4G, HDMI out, and fast Android updates. Say what you want about removable batteries, but people who travel tend to want them. If they aren't going to include them then they should have the highest capacity battery available to them.

Using Apple as a standard is ridiculous. We all know that most Apple people buy strictly for brand, even though they are getting ripped off. HTC does not have that kind of appeal, and as a company that uses Android, they really should have 2 lines. The regular One series, and a PRO line that does offer the removable battery and in this case a better camera. The SD card slot and fast update promise is a start, but its also something that they should never have abandoned when they are on top. It's stupid that many people who had the EVO had to upgrade some things while downgrading others when their 2 years were up. Add up all the disposable garbage phones like the Thunderbolt, One S, etc, bootloader promises that they burned people with and you will see why people aren't rushing to buy them.

As for the comment about Palm. They made the same ridiculous errors as HTC did. They chose to take an Apple route. Small screen, no expandable storage, stupid exclusivity deals, and not listening to their fan base. The then HTC EVO and Iphone ate their lunch and destroyed them. Why would HTC want to emulate them?

Htc has about 1-2 years before they close for good, at best. Last year they reported a loss during the M7 launch!! How does a company hemmorage money during the launch of their flagdhip money maker and still stay afloat?? They don't....kiss your beloved HTC goodbye, fanboys of bloatware!! This sucker's gonna tank and I'm gonna enjoy the show.