AT&T One X

If you're looking to pick up a new Android phone on AT&T this weekend, you might want to swing by Radio Shack and have a look at the HTC One X this Sunday. The folks at the Shack are dropping the price down to $100 (on a contract, of course) and have brought back the Trade & Save specials. That means that if you bring in any working phone when you buy a new one (again, with a contract) you will score somewhere between $30 and $300. Beats the heck out of trolling Craigslist looking for a buyer, or just letting your old phone sit in the junk drawer.

We know the best way to buy a phone is to get an unlocked GSM model and be free of pesky multi-year contracts. We get it. But not everyone is ready to spend upwards of $700 on a new phone, and if you're happy with your carrier and plan to be there for two years anyway, why not save some cash, right? Radio Shack is making it easy to get a great phone, at a great price, and maybe you'll even get some folding money from your old one. The promotion starts Sunday July 29, and the Trade & Save offer will run until Saturday Aug. 11. 

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joshua.worth says:

Galaxy Nexus is downwards of $349.99 maybe that should be been included in the article, especially since it's currently the tech industry's favorite device...

snookiesnoo says:

It is? Ever read the forum and all the complaints about that phone?

verks says:

Price dropped at at&t core stores too.

Wow. Great phone for $100.

vickery1956 says:

Wish Verizon would carry it!!

Thunder350 says:

If Bestbuy also lowers their prices I'm definitely using my $50 credit upgrade with them to get this phone for $50 and get the HOX over the GS3 (been in limbo for awhile). Might even be on the 29th!

pcmadsen82 says:

Costco has them for 79.99

Buy it people.

DWR_31 says:

Sticking with Sprint. I like having pre-loaded Google Wallet on phones that aren't necessarily a Nexus.

Fearce#AC says:

It's on sale now for $50. Today is the last day of the sale though. $50 off any Android phone over $100

erwaso says:

One x for $100 is a sick deal. For $50, it's a steal. Where's this at?

wess580 says:

If you go to best buy and price match you may get money back if you do a trade-in