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A second firmware update is currently rolling out to the international, Tegra 3-flavored HTC One X, according to reports from multiple sources, including the Android Central forums. The update to version 1.29.401.7 weighs in at around 35MB and is being pushed out now to unbranded, unlocked European One X phones. Early reports from the forums indicate that this new version may address the intermittent Wifi disconnection issues that have been affecting some One X owners. In the meantime we've reached out to HTC for any official info on changes in the new firmware version, and we'll update you when they get back to us.

If you're rocking an international One X, head to Settings > About > Software updates to begin your journey to version 1.29. And if you notice anything new or improved, be sure to shout out in the comments!

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SpookDroid says:

This only goes to show how poorly debugged devices come out these days... only to meet deadlines and marketing dates... What would you prefer? A faulty device that will eventually be obsolete in a year or less, or a mostly-bugless one that will come out late and therefore become obsolete in half a year or so?

It's called software engineering.... There are ALWAYS bugs. 15 QA testers can't get the same feedback as 1 million actual users. It's how things will always be.

butters619 says:

Like I am incredible said, no matter how much you debug, there will always be bugs. And some bugs are really hard to notice/catch/isolate until mass quantities are in use.

Be happy they are pushing an update so quickly. That is the real key.

roltzje says:

I'm guessing youre a "glass half-full" person, eh?

No one expects a device as complicated as a modern smartphone and new as the One X to come out completely flawless.

I think its quite impressive how HTC is addressing these issues promptly. They are taking feedback and fixing problems that have come up in a timely manner. My Samsung GS2S has only received 1 update in its life.

tonyyyyyb says:

This is technology. Get used to it, dummy.

SpookDroid says:

Maaaaybe that didn't come out as I expected... I know debugging on devices like this is a PITA and you can't come out with all the nooks and crannies figured out in today's tech timeframes, I get it... HOWEVER, there are things you shouldn't miss even if debugging 5 devices at a time. WiFi connectivity? Come on!!! Apple's Antenna-gate?! Don't tell me none of the engineers ever held the freakin' phone in their hand... ASUS' tablet GPS problem? None of the Engineers ever thought of taking the thing out and testing it out to see if it worked? Hell, there's even reports that show some manufacturers actually KNOW something is faulty and decide to release anyway and update 'as soon as they can'.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad these things are getting fixed and updates are coming our way (even if Carriers stall them a bit...well, a lot). And that goes for software too. Some of those bugs are so easy to catch in everyday use you shouldn't need to have 1 million devices using your software to find out everyone will have the same issue...

Explicit says:

If this was in the U.S., the updates would take 4 months each to arrive..... Damn carriers

jonathan3579 says:

Yes, well the T-Mobile HTC One S certainly needs an update for it's signal issues. It is nearly unbearable.

johnshaft says:

There's a lot riding on this phone from HTC this year. So it's better that these updates come out fast. But I agree with I_am_incredible

icebike says:

Not seeing this yet on my far east market ONE X, but if they solve the wifi disconnect issue that will clear up my ONLY complaint with this phone. It's not the random disconnecting so much as the failure to reconnect.

I even called tech support on this issue, and had to tell the airhead that answered to Google this problem on the web to see how widespread it was (and not just with HTC phones). She told me they weren't allowed to look up anything on the web. Only in their little problem tree books.

kevinx says:

"Only in their little problem tree books" :-))

Tariqali0786 says:

I've had this phone for about 2 weeks and I can tell you I've had almost no problems at all. This is a very beautiful phone, really well made and really well thought out. I commend HTC for being so much on their toes about getting it as perfect as can be. If it were Sammy, you could forget it

kevinx says:

And the battery performance Tariq?

How do you find it performs? I find the battery a little bit of a "let down", and am HOPING that v1.29 s/w improves this, by quite a bit!!

Tariqali0786 says:

I'm new at this

Tariqali0786 says:


Tariqali0786 says:


jsntrenkler says:

My update is not showing up yet, not sure why?

Pytt says:!/markmoons/status/197373375943946241

1.29 verbetert onder andere: HDR camera functie, power management, volume controle in DLNA modus, en veel andere kleine dingetjes.

Rough translation: "1.29 improves: HDR camera option, power management, volume control in DLNA mode and a few other small things."

kevinx says:

It CERTAINLY needs something to improve battery life. On normal (actually MODERATE) use, the battery depletes at about 12-14% per hour, and that's WITHOUT listening to music, and without watching videos. Simply by looking at Facebook feeds, Looking (not replying) to e-mails, and G+ posts, then the battery is losing its power pretty quick.

If the phone is just left on, and nothing is done with it, then the battery is, of course, better, and able to get around 13hrs out of it. But hey ho, that's NOT what the phone was intended for (although from what HTC reports as "good battery life", they must have simply had the phone switched on, but doing anything operationally).

Using a similar "testing" for my car, I could say that a gallon of fuel will last me almost a month. Well, yes it will, if I don't use my car but just run the engine now and again. In REAL NORMAL use however, a gallon will probably last me two days....

Perhaps HTC ought to go into the car sales industry??

That's all.

kevinx says:

v1.29.161.13 Vodafone (UK) branded handsets. Roll-out started today. Downloaded update, and now to see what it gives :-) ?