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As HTC's likely to show off new devices in New York City on Wednesday, here's a chance to pick up one of the company's earlier stand-out products at a knock-down price. UK retailer Expansys is offering the international HTC One X in white for today only for £379.99, almost £200 less than the original launch price. The version on offer is the unlocked Tegra 3-based HSPA+ model, with 32GB of internal storage.

HTC is rumored to be preparing a spec-refreshed "One X+" for launch in the coming weeks, but If you're looking for a chance to pick up the original at a cut-down price, you'll probably struggle to find a better deal than this for the next few months. The deal is available for the next twelve hours or so at the time of writing, and runs until 11pm UK time today, Sept. 17.

You can find more details at the source link below. And remember we'll be live in New York City this Wednesday to cover whatever's next from HTC.

Source: Expansys

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IceDree says:

379.99 £ is the price after they cut it ???
Thats the price we have in Saudi Arabia ... since launch day

We have to pay 20% tax on top of retail prices though don't forget. Not sure if you guys have a similar thing? 

IceDree says:

I thought the price doesn't include the Tax , Sorry my bad

We have customs\duty fees here instead

damo says:

Grab it today or hold off for the new Nexus when it comes? :)

mech1164 says:

That's what i'm doing. It's between an One X+ or a new Nexus when It comes out.