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If you're considering HTC's new entry-level phone, the One V, but weren't blown away by the charcoal-colored version on show at MWC, maybe the black and purple flavors will be to your liking. Two new renders of the HTC One V have emerged on Japanese site Blog of Mobile, showing the ICS-powered 3.7-incher in the two new colors you see above.

Of all three new HTC devices, there's no question that we've seen the least of the One V. No-one's seen a working handset just yet, and the demo units we saw at MWC couldn't be powered on. However, we're big fans of the iconic design first introduced by the Legend back in 2010, and we're curious to see how this thing looks after it's been dunked in.... whatever you dunk a slab of aluminum in to make it look like that.

Source: Blog of Mobile; via: UnwiredView


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HTC One V sighted in black and purple


I still dont understand, with these new HTC phones, if an app hasnt been updated to ICS (thus no action bar) how do you press the benu button?

On the nexus on old apps, you have the legacy software button (the 3 dots) if those are capacitive buttons, then how would one go about pressing menu?