HTC One M8 Red Verizon

On Verizon and want the HTC One (M8)? You might want to wait a bit, especially if red is your favorite color. Earlier this month we reported that a red version of handset was rumored for Verizon. Looks like we have our first look at this special edition from leakster @evleaks.

You'll remember that the HTC One (M7) came in a variety of colors. It looks like the new HTC One is no exception. There are reports out there that red and blue versions are in the pipeline for the HTC One (M8). Up above is your first look at the red variant. It looks to be pretty similiar to the 'glamor red' HTC One from last year.

Anyone out there want this red HTC One?

Source: @evleaks

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I'll trade someone my gunmetal grey for this. Seriously. Lol

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law2010 says:

Gunmetal grey is baller. The red is neat, though.

DWR_31 says:

The red really brings out how much space is being taken by the logo.

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zolty26 says:

The bottom speaker looks like photoshopped ;)

Skyway says:

Wow didn't even notice that until you said something. Definitely photoshop'd, the holes are not that low. They should be square in the middle, like the top. Probably just a render instead of an actual picture of the device

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xoxoGeorges says:

Looked much better on the M7

I am not a fan for colorful phones, but this is a good look.

Jay Holm says:

I am. The blue M7 looked awesome!!!

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eahinrichsen says:

I've been a pretty big fan of the colored One models. Something about the aluminum body with those deep, saturated colors looks really, really good.

cruiz1022 says:

Wow... Looks great!

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jcastag says:

Here is my issue with colored phones. They look good now, but I am not sure how much I would still like it after a few months.

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htc fan89 says:

Boo exclusive...

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Joel E says:


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the1m.polo says:

Until it's your network

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MarkSeven says:

No.. It's never good. We want everyone to be able to enjoy a good phone.

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SpookDroid says:

Now THAT'S sexy... that or the metallic blue version of last year's M7 and I just might consider this phone as my next device (if the next Note doesn't quite cut it for me, that is).

tx_tuff says:

Damn that is ugly. To each their own, I'm glad to see people posting they like it but I would pass.

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B0WIE says:

Looks great! Though I'd still get the brushed gunmetal grey if given the option.

lucas710 says:

Is the the Christmas edition? (Red and Green) O_o

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TriBeard92 says:

I had a blue m7, and I loved the color. My only issue with it was that the front grills were super easy to chip, and then it didn't look so good because the silver showed through. I'm happy with my gunmetal m8, and it makes it easier to buy cases as you don't have to coordinate colors. Lol.

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sentinelred says:

I think it's ugly. Give me a black M8 instead.

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tdizzel says:

I want a red one but I'm not gonna wait. Instead I'm gonna buy a grey one and then when the red one comes out I'm gonna complain that they didn't release a red one at launch and forced me to get the grey one.

neonworm says:

Wow. It looks great in that color.

weirdroid says:

I hope it's not exclusive to Verizon. I'm not in a rush so I will wait for a red one on Sprint, or maybe blue or black if they don't get a red one. I don't really like any of the current colors much.

Mobius360 says:

If they're going to do colors, do them from the start. I like the gun metal version, I'm not sure how long I could rock a red, blue, gold phone. I don't hate them by any means though and like the option.

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jd914 says:

Vampire red...interesting

barondebxl says:

The best is the silver version. Gun metal and red look OK. Gold is absolutely hideous.

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I just need this in black like the M7.

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The Courier says:

Looks pretty good, still wouldn't trade my gunmetal though. Nice for folks who like some colour

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clubbtraxx says:

I have a black M7 now, and I loved the red M7 when that finally came out.
Looks like it's the same game all over again with the M8

C'mon HTC bring out the fancy colors at launch, and not only exclusive on US carrier but international as well.
If the red M8 comes to Europe including 32Gig of flash I will be all over it.

Wow, for some reason I really like the color! The red really catches your eye instantly.

I just recently started using the HTC One (M7) after previously using a Galaxy Note II (both with Verizon btw). I thought I loved Samsung a lot, but I think I might just love this phone even more!

I would love a beautiful red M8 as my next daily phone!

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cgardnervt says:

Don't like. Not feeling the red at all. I think I'd get a gunmetal gray if I was in the market for an M8.

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ronnypoo says:

Love it or hate it design. I think its sexy

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MarkSeven says:

It's nice.. too bad it's an exclusive. HTC will never learn..