HTC One M8 in Amber Gold

If you're one to stand out from the crowd you may be interested in the Amber Gold HTC One M8, and tomorrow it's only going to set you back $99 on-contract. For 24 hours starting tonight at midnight (CST), the price of the Amber Gold color of the HTC One M8 will drop in half to $99 on-contract from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon via HTC's online store. You'll of course have to put up with shipping (it's free, for what it's worth), but you'll also get the color you want and save $100 doing it.

Keep an eye on HTC's online store starting tonight (at the link below) to make sure you get in on the deal. There's no special discount code to apply, just wait for the sale to kick off and then go pick up your new HTC One M8 at a discounted price. How many of you will be taking advantage of this deal to grab a new device?

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HTC One M8 in Amber Gold just $99 on-contract from HTC's store for one day only


Well your into for the long haul then. 99$ is a good deal though.

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Totally agree with the contract comment. Come on HTC sell the One M8 unlocked for $499 and I'll be all over the Amber Gold color. I have the T-Mobile and AT&T variants in gunmetal gray and love them both. Got the T-Mobile version for $380 off craigslist and paid $480 for the AT&T on Swappa. Anyone else notice that the colors and whites seem better on the T-Mobile variant. I noticed out within the first five minutes of using them side by side. I'm guessing since the T-Mobile variant is pretty much the factory unlocked version plus Tmoes apps. The build quality is a bit better.

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I really wanna do this! but also on VZW and want to keep unlimited data. I'm thinking a white LG G3 off-contract after I save some moneys

The gold M8 looks pink when the lights are dim. Enough so that many guys have been returning it for just that reason.

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