HTC myTouch HD on T-Mobile

We've never really had any doubt that the HTC myTouch HD was real -- given the early leaked image and the T-Mobile literature. And here it is, plain as day, on T-Mobile's website, quietly tucked away until you search for "HSPA" (albeit under the name "T-Mobile myTouch). It's listed as being "priced as low as FREE," but that's as likely to be a typo as it is correct, right? Clicking the details button does no good, and this likely will be pulled at some point (or actually announced). Plus, still no word on when we'll see this guy, so stay tuned. [T-Mobile via Engadget]

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HTC myTouch HD sneaks onto T-Mobile's site


I went to Tmobile today to give the g2 a whirl. I was extremely impressed with hspa+! I did a speedtest with my evo on 4g (full signal) and the g2 on hspa. The g2 download speeds doubled the evos'! G2- 8mbps, EVO- 4mbps. Now I love my evo, but daaaaamn!

I hope the screen size is wrong and it will have a 4" screen... Anything smaller than 4" like my Vibrant is going to be too small for me. I started out on a myTouch and maybe one day I can ditch the Samsung if the myTouch HD is going to be what it's all cracked up to be.

Very nice. I currently have the mytouch slide and I love it. This new one sounds like its worth looking at.

It haS been announced. Tmobile announced it on facebook and twitter. They dont mention the processor speed but it does have a ffc which alotta whiny people on here complained about the vibrant not having.....