You lucky folks across the pond! Vodafone UK has just made the HTC Magic available for pre-order for the low, low price of FREE (with a monthly plan, of course). The HTC Magic is expected to be released on May 5th.

You got to love the bullet-point descriptions of the HTC Magic, "clever technology for brilliant mobile internet" and "superfast internet", oh that British humour slays me. Either way, us folks stateside are incredibly jealous that there's no official word on the Magic coming to the US.

You can pre-order the HTC Magic here.

[via engadget]


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HTC Magic Available For Pre-Order, Free With Monthly Plan


Ahhh, so now we folks in the UK are worthy of a mention on your site? Please guys get with it and make this site more 'international' in its make up. Often when I read a story here you are sooo US-centric about things.

Would like all info on this phone. I have the g1 and am the happiest person on earth . I have a friend eith the iphone and we compare for hrs about which phone is better. We both agree its the g1. Have been waiting patiently for this new one