HTC M8 Ace

This, according to smartphone leaker @evleaks, is HTC's "M8 Ace," presumably another member of the 2014 HTC One family. Besides this blurry render, there's no further information on what's going on here, though we're apparently looking at a handset with front-facing speakers (and a curious new grille styling) running HTC Sense 6.

The "M8 Ace" was mentioned by the prolific Twitter leaker shortly after the HTC One M8's announcement, along with word of an "M8 Mini" that's since cropped up in further online leaks. Based on that, and the proportions in the image above, we'd speculate this might be an M8 with a larger screen, though there's really not much to go on.

Any wild theories of your own? Shout out in the comments.

Source: @evleaks


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HTC 'M8 Ace' pictured, looks like... something


Perhaps its a mid-range version of the One. Better than a desire, not as expensive as the One

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There's not really a price point between the desire and the one, the desire is pretty expensive off contract

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Maybe ace means 1 decent camera. Wouldn't that be funny if the budget versions had a better camera lol.

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The only people who say it is mediocre are those who spent 5 minutes or less with it. Anyone who has used it for an extended period of time can tell you other wise. And I will take an actual photographers opinion over a tech journo. Nice try though but you just proved you lack intelligence.

People will look for a minor flaw and just attack it if they don't like the OEM it happens with all OEM's and its happening with the camera on the HTC one , the camera takes great pictures but since its not the "best" then people will continue to attack it.

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No sorry chumly, I have one right here and compared to my Note, it sucks. I have had the GPE edition for a few days, and the regular for a few hours. The camera does not compare at all.

Funny how in a blind comparison the M8 beat the Note 3

And a photographer who gave the camera an very glowing review. I trust his opinion more than yours because your opinion is nothing more than bullshit. Because it is clear you are nothing more than a troll and are probably paid by Samsung.

Keep believing the megapixel myth.

And the Note sucks compared to the M8. M8 has better design. Better hardware. Faster processor. Better speakers. Better user experience. Premium build instead of cheap plastic. Useful software features instead of gimmicks that no one ever uses. An according to a blind comparison a better camera.

Nice try though you ignorant fool.

Lol... You are so focused. U have both sitting here. In low light the m8 wins, everywhere else the Note does.

Oh and insults don't faze me, it only shows the lack of a viable argument on your part

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Not according to a blind comparison done by phone arena. The Note 3 failed. The M8 crushed it.
Phone Arena Blind Smartphone Camera Comparison Results:

1. Nokia Lumia 1520 with 17.9 percent of the vote and 398 Votes

2. LG G2 with 13.94 percent of the vote and 310 votes

3. Sony Xperia Z1S with 12.9 percent of the vote and 287 votes

4. Samsung Galaxy S4 with 12.32 percent of the vote and 274 votes

5. iPhone 5S with 11.65 percent of the vote and 259 votes

6. HTC One M8 with 10.79 percent of the vote and 238 votes

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with 8.05 percent of the vote and 179 votes

8. HTC One (2013) with 7.69 percent of the vote and 171 votes

9 Google Nexus 5 with 4.86 percent of the vote and 108 votes

So when people don't know what phone the picture came from they put the M8 by a wide margin ahead of the Note 3. And heck the OG One was only 8 votes behind the Note 3. And the M8 came pretty damn close to beating the iPhone 5S. So as it turns out when you don't know what phone it was taken with the M8 can hold its on against the competition. Blows your arguments right out of the water

And you keep trying to say the camera is bad but photographers actually photographers completely disagree

You are just a daft troll. You have made it ever so obvious.

The 2014 One the M8 is amazing. Best phone on the market. Great design. Thin. Surprisingly light. Everything you could want from a phone. Try using one.

I hope the M8 Ace is a Droid DNA like phone based on the M8 and exclusive to Verizon (Especially because the color of the top and bottom are red and that is color scheme looks like the DNA). But I don't know if HTC would do that again. Its probably just an update on the One Max.

And they still have the huge HTC logo bar. Sigh. Don't get me wrong, I love my M8, but that bar makes it awkward.

Indeed it really does. I thought everyone was just saying stuff about it just to have something to complain about, but now that I have one, it is kind of weird.

It is very noticeable unneeded space. If you feel that they need it for the speakers, then make use of it and get rid of the onscreen buttons.

Yes I am/will be using one for some time.
You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Didn't the M7 Max carry the ACE code name before release? I seem to recall rumors about there being multiple M7 sizes months before it came out and the big one was refered to as ACE then too.

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I had read somewhere that a Windows phone version of the M8 was coming. My guess is that this is what we're looking at.
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I don't think it's a Windows phone because it appears to be running Sense. Windows phone would have tiles, right? Are the corners a little smaller radius? I like it better, unless it's a giant phablet. I like the color too, I was already gonna wait and see if we get colors before getting my M8.

Hopefully HTC took a hint from Sony and "Ace" means the same thing as "Compact". Sure hope so, being someone with not-so-large sized hands.

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