HTC legend gets updated to Froyo.

Us Android users will never turn down a free dessert.  We've had cupcakes, donuts, eclairs, and now, as most of us are waiting for some warm Gingerbread, HTC Legend users can add a nice helping of Froyo to their menu.

HTC announced via its Facebook page that users with an unbranded HTC Legend can expect the update in the coming weeks.  However, due to the prolonged software approval process each carrier must administer, folks with a carrier branded phone will have to wait just a bit longer (per usual).

Nothing leaves us geeks more restless than the announcement of an imminent software update.  Evidenced by user Arnoldthepotter's thread in our forums almost two months ago, where he began the countdown to the HTC Legend Froyo update.  Well, Arnoldthepotter, if you're reading, your countdown just got a lot shorter.  [HTC Facebook]

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Smokexz says:

Lol I wondered why Phil liked the Legend, cause it has 2.1

dwt10 says:

legend, meh. its like the desire but with a 600mhz processor

sinanharb says:

WOOOOOOOOOOW at last, been waiting for this update for so long.

Yes, I'm reading and still counting. Thanks for the good news Jesse.