The beautiful HTC Legend, with its unibody build and clean lines, is coming. The guys at Engadget have discovered that the HTC Legend has just cleared the FCC and is packing 850/1900 MHz 3G bands which means its just perfect for AT&T, Rogers, Telus, and other Canadian carriers. Which means that the HTC Legend is on its way to North America. Which is awesome.

We've spent some time with the HTC Legend and though it doesn't pack the spec punch of a Droid Incredible or Evo 4G, its uber-sexy design almost makes up for it. If it heads to AT&T, then AT&T's currently underwhelming Android lineup becomes instantly respectable. If it heads to Canada, then their already impressive roster of Android phones becomes even more envy inducing. Please AT&T, go and get this phone.


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HTC Legend clears FCC, coming to AT&T or headed to Canada ?


I thought that Sprint might get it since it's supposed to be essentially an updated Hero. Or at least that's what I read. Granted it's all just rumor or guessing until it actually happens. Would love to get the Evo when it comes out but I just got my Hero less than month ago and don't think I can afford the Evo when it comes out.

I'm betting on Telus to get the unmodified, unbranded version of the Legend, just like they got the European Hero last fall in its pristine condition.

Telus seems to have a good relationship with HTC, amd they get most of the new phones from HTC, a little after they are released in Europe.

I doubt AT&T will get this phone though. And if they do, it will have a different name and ugly form factor. HTC seems to enjoy doing this, evidenced by their HTC Incredible (uglified Nexus) and Sprint Hero (uglified european hero).