Unfortunately, the purported promotional video showcasing the HTC Hero has been pulled from Youtube. What we can gather is that the famed 'Rosie' GUI is the main attraction--widgets, new clocks, control bars and more all pop up more than a couple times. Also, it looks like the HTC Hero will be available in 7 different colors: black, white, teal, yellow, pink, mustard, and red. We guess HTC is hoping that the multiple color options will hide the fact that the HTC Hero is a poorly designed device.

It's interesting to know so much about a device that has yet to be officially announced. Reports have pointed to Orange UK being an exclusive carrier but honestly, we don't know other release details. As familiar and excited as we are for the HTC Hero, we highly doubt that we'll pick the Hero over forthcoming Android Phones. How about you guys?

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HTC Hero Demoed On Video, To Come in Multiple Colors ?


I don't know honestly. I do like the multiple colors, and I've been really excited for the Hero, but I thought they would change the design. I love Android chins, but the chin on the Hero might be TOO much. Plus it depends on the carrier it comes too (Sprint?).

My biggest beef with HTC right now is this: WHY are they straying away from slide-out QWERTYs with all of their new Androids? First the Magic, now the Hero? Don't they get it that not ALL people want to use an on-screen keyboard? It doesn't make any sense.. with the first Android having a slide out keyboard (G1), why would they seemingly abandon it for almost all of their next models? Don't they run focus groups, or market studies.. or just read Android blog and forum comments!?!? NOT EVERYONE WANTS FULL TOUCH, stop emulating.

I realize that the upcoming Lancaster (AT&T) has one, but it's SMALL. Why can't they give us full size, ~3.5" touch-screen w/ slide-out keyboard? If the Lancaster was full size (HTC Magic w/ slide out keyboard), that would be my next phone no doubt, sign me up. Maybe they will make the OG Qwerty-heads happy with Bigfoot, whenever that drops. And if Bigfoot or another model has "Rosie" w/ a slider, my long wait will be over.

My guess is that they want to compete with the customer who would buy an iPhone. They tend not to want a physical keyboard. And I must admit, I was big on needing/wanting a physical keyboard. But after getting Cupcake, I've only opened the keyboard to select text to copy.

I do agree, however, that devices should be made with the option of using it.


I am the proud owner of an HTC Magic and a T-Mobile G1, but I have to say that I will not be buying the Hero. Two reasons one is that I don't need it and two its really not a good looking phone. The G1 is not great in the looks department but its better than the Hero.


Obviously this thread is way outdated as the HTC Hero looks different and a lot better than the prototype that is featured in the picture above.

After owning an iPhone for 2 years now, I've really grown to despise the once marveled Apple device. The touchscreen does not work after using the phone for an extended period of time (anywhere from 10 minutes or more), as it tends to get hot causing the touchscreen element to not work at all until it cools down. Also, the iPhone encryption does not work AT ALL. It actually decrypts itself when downloading the information to a PC. This is completely unacceptable as Apple has confirmed the lack of of usable encryption yet does nothing to correct the serious issue and security risk.

So, the HTC Hero definitely takes the cake as the best iPhone alternative available to date. Especially since the HTC Hero utilizes Flash!

It seems that Apple is becoming more and more like their number one competitor, Microsoft. I that Apple was supposed to be the opposite of Microsoft? We definitely don't need another giant corporation limiting our functional use of technology, especially in today's day and age.

Mac still takes the cake as far as operation systems are concerned, for all but wheat should be their coolest device, the coveted iPhone.

Goodbye iPhone, hello Hero!