UFO sighting, Centreville

An HTC EVO 4G has captured an alleged UFO sighting in Virginia, showing itself off in the video of the mysterious event. 

Last Wednesday night in Centreville, Va., residents claim they spotted a bright blue dot that did not blink, flash or make any sounds. It moved a bit, but appeared to not have a planned route. It has not been seen since and has left the residents perplexed.

Whether or not this gives any credibility for the existence of UFOs, it's nice to see that the EVO was there to record the sighting. Head over to the source link to watch the video. [My Fox DC]

Update: The video has found its way to YouTube, which means we can embed it. Find it after the break!


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HTC EVO 4G captures 'UFO' sighting in Virginia (Update: Video)


If it can be verified that it truly is a blue light and not the phone's hue being off or something else in the air to cause it to have a blue hue, or some combination of both.

Also happens that the blue light was in restricted airspace, right over the NSA building. You can bet the fellows inside the NSA knew what it was, or you'd have seen a bit of fireworks and wouldn't have seen this video :)

There is no NSA building in Centreville, VA. Other gov installations in and around, yes, but not NSA.

I'm going to go with remote control helicopter (easily get to that height and you wouldn't hear it) AND possibly a viral promotion for that new Skyline movie (looks like the same blue hue to me).

Weirdly enough, though, there was another "blue UFO" over the Potomac river in nearby Washington DC just two weeks ago. That one involved 5 blinking lights and hovered erratically for about 15 minutes. http://goo.gl/dijju

There is an NSA building in the Centreville/Chantilly area. Officially rebranded as NRO (National Recon Office). Well known to be NSA though. Drop you cell signal every time you drive past.

:p Drive back towards 66 (like you're going to the DMV) and check out the "electronic bunkers" along the way. Supposedly they can kill electronics with EMF with the push of a button

I hate when people say "existence of UFO's". Clearly UFO's exist if there is an object in the sky that you cannot identify. Durrrp.

Ever notice that now when everybody and their brother has a good quality camera with them at all times that ufos, big foot, aliens, and chubacara never come around any more?

Looks like a chopper spotlight probably pursuing a car chase. And yeah it so happens to be next to a busy airport...

Lots of thse blurry "UFO" photos since 1947.

Did you watch the video? How would a chopper spotlight help a pursuit if the chopper was that high up?

Meh. I'd bet my life on that 80% of these sightings are nothing more then aircraft, or some other man made construct, up to and including experimental aircraft. a.k.a the often spoken of Aurora project. 9% is upper atmosphere phenomenon; pertaining to interactions between the atmosphere and the particles hitting it from the sun...and no I'm not talking the northern lights effect. I mean heck we can't really explain ball lightning. There has been plenty of "events" seen from the shuttle where obvious plasma activity is being witnessed in the atmosphere, but hell if we know what it is. And that other 1%....*shrugs* All I know is we aren't that interesting to watch. At most they are sitting back with a bag of popcorn and watching to see if we destroy ourselves and our environment.

u can get/make a remote control chopper/saucer/almost anything with a bblue leds and fly it at night from a sweet distance. remote control saucers and choppers or even blimps could easily pull this off.

Someone brought it up today at the office and I said that the town is near an airport, and someone immediately compared that to the cell phone spotting on the Charlie Chaplan video and saying she was a time traveler rather than her possibly scratching her head. Or the Nexus Two rumors, when Samsung and Google straight up said no Nexus for now and the Continum gets mentioned, the rumors suddenly changes to "delayed". People do anything to make rumors fly.

Tbird, lol funny comment!

Interesting my aunts family lives in Centreville. I live in herndon right directly at the airport. I wish I could have caught it.