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HTC EVO 4G LTE gallery


For me the glossy portion is not appealing. But that part is removable so I am hanging on to the hope that a matte replacement part will be made by someone.

Exactly. Not really sure why the fuss over the looks of the back since it will end up unseen in a case anyway.

Further, I don't think it looks horrible at all. Got a nice red ribbon on it, like a Christmas present.

Well, I know what phone I'm getting next. So long Galaxy Nexus, you would have had me 6 months ago but now I'm jumping ship.

You must remember that looks are always subjective. No manufacturer is ever going to design a phone that *everyone* thinks is beautiful. Therefore, "really managed to screw it up" is kind of an overreach. If you don't like it, that's your prerogative. But it doesn't mean HTC "screwed up".

Personally, I kinda like it. Not entirely sure how I feel about the smooth plastic at the top, the original Evo had the same kind of "boldness" to it, and I found the design of the Evo 3D (I have both, BTW) a little lacking in that department. I like the fact that they went all-in with the bold factor on the new Evo 4G LTE.

It's not going to be for everyone, but that's why Android is so awesome. You have a choice of (literally) dozens of phones to choose from.

I like the back better than the front. Not bad from the side. Not as bad as I expected, but not as nice as the original HTC design.

In fact, I hope a lot of people hate it and won't get it, that way there will be plenty available on the release date.

If you consider a smaller battery and no microSD card, I agree with you! I would also take looks over that stuff. Sheesh....

The AT&T version cant hold a candle to the EVO 4G LTE!! DATA CAP!!! Smaller battery and NO Micro SD card! Suck it AT&T punks!

Sprint... you took a beautiful phone, and you fu$ked it up. the phone is like 5 different colors. i guess it could be worse.

Same stupid placement of the charging port... on the bottom under the kickstand. So how do you charge while watching in kickstand position?

I must say, that is a pretty incredible preview by Engadget that answered every question I have about the phone. Good for them.

Look at this compared to the Galaxy Nexus and notice how much more of the front face is actual screen. Well done, HTC. The Galaxy Nexus wastes more space top and bottom.

This phone I like it spec-wise but look wise meh I'll probably cop it anyway they should've had the beats logo on it too

I actually love that it doesn't have the Beats logo. Sprint and HTC is good enough. It's like how I hate all the stickers and logos a Windows computer comes with. LOL

Pass cause of the kickstand? Seriously? LOL. It's thinner cause it's more centered than where others have put it previously. No need for it to be massive like the Thunderbolt.

I didn't hear that the battery was non-removable. Looks like the back might come off? Not seeing the slot for the SD card which builds on the promise of a removable back.

The red stripe across the back just makes the entire handset look low end. This is the same crap that caused HTC to lose market share.

Didn't you learn from last year?

No... get a VZW POS phone or go to sprint where they dont nickle and dime you for EVERYTHING! Same plan I have on sprint is 60 bucks more a month on that VZW crap. Maybe if the didnt spend a billion $$ on advertising all those droid phones and didnt have to pay George all that money to use the word droid they could lower the costs for us real people!

Well I love the look of the phone and it is very slim as well. 2000 mah battery being non removable is a minus but I guess I can live with it.

The HTC Evo A-Team

Dah Dah Dahhhh... Duh Duh Dahhhh

"I pitty the fool that doesn't like my sweet phone!"

In all honesty, this looks very cheap. The specs are a bit of an improvement over the ONe x on At&t, but it seems to suffer in design and quality.

I know that the camera pops out, but the last picture looks like the camera and lens is recessed..our am I blind?

Whoever is complaining about the back of the phone is a moron. This will be the next huge seller for sprint. And coming from an Evo3d ill be reserving this phone. The screen alone is AMAZING! Good job to sprint for finally bringing high end phones.

HTC fanboys getting all wet. wait for a real phone like the mythical s3 which will destroy this phone

i have wimax 4g where i live. i get from 5-9 Mbs.if i switch to this no telling when i get lte . i will be stuck on crappy 3g for how knows how long
im good with my gs2

I'm with you. Get this phone out of the way in June, so we can go to the GS3 in July or August. I hate to say it, but I ain't buying until I see the iPhone 5 anyway.

Most say the same thing about the EVO 4G and EVO 3D when it was first presented to us. Having the device in hand - is a totally different experience.

I've always love the "red" trim color on my EVO 3D. I can't wait to see this bad boy in my hands.

AT&T wins the design award.

The back is terrible. Gloss black and poly carbon dark grey with a red metal bar in the middle?! Really Sprint? Really HTC?

HTC designs are questionable, than the One X dropped and everybody fell in love with it. Now the Sprint version is revealed and people are like "WTF makeover is this".

Should of released it in white.

By not doing anything to it?

EVO colors have always been black & red, this should be a surprise to nobody.

Great specs, great phone but lousy Carrier. They have no LTE set up yet and the way that Sprint moves along it will be another 10 years before it has grown to a respectable size. Their 3G is pathetic especially after the I-Phone has moved in. Sprint is painfully slow and I could not be part of that. Hopefully they prove me wrong and their Network takes off. (Doubt it)

Haters be damned! Looks like a truly worthy successor to the OG Evo in every way. I love the look of it, it screams EVO and will be noticed right away. Glad to see its not just another black (or white) slab. It actually reminds me of N7 armor, which is a plus for me. Specs are incredible and my initial disappointment with it not being quad-core is gone after seeing how great the S4 performs compared to the Tegra3. Pre-ordering for sure, glad I waited to use my upgrade.

As for the SGS3, I'll pass. Samsung has made just one good smartphone in the last 5 years (not counting Nexus) soI just don't trust them. They always screw up the software and drop support soon after release. I got bit on both the Moment and the Epic, NEVER AGAIN.

does anyone know if the LED indicator is capable of any colors other than green, red, blue? it would be nice if it could take advantage of those apps that use other colors.