If you are an HTC EVO 3D owner that has been anxiously awaiting the new OTA update to roll out in hopes of fixing some of your existing issues, luck is on your side today. Yesterday we reported that the update would begin to roll out on Aug. 23, but users are reporting the ability to install the OTA right now if you manually check for updates on your phone. This update is set to fix some lock screen issues, fix GPS lock issues, as well as make more applications uninstallable by users. Have you already installed the update? If so, be sure to let us know how it is treating you, and what changes you have noticed.

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installerman says:

Installed & phone seems faster! May be due to new kernel.

jean15paul says:

I installed it, and now I'm at OS 2.3.4. Not sure if I was there before, but if so than this upgraded the OS, also.

installerman says:

Yes, the OS was upgraded to 2.3.4 from 2.3.3.

jarobusa says:

So we have video google chat?

B4SDR4G says:

Saw the Evo 3D in the store today. Too bad they set a lock on it so I can't try the 3D...

Freshy#WN says:

Has anyone who is rooted done this update successfully and did it break ur update?

crxssi says:

See other article- you can use a released tool FROM HTC to unlock it now

thegov says:

Camerea seems to launch faster from button, phones are always snappier after an update so time will tell.

installerman says:

It seems like 2.3.4 didn't bring us GTalk video.

I am rooted. When I check for an update, it says that there is no update availible.

Don't try to update if you're rooted....? wait for a rooted version of the update.... Also if you have custom ROM the update thing is probably disabled.... Can't mix and match like that you can Brick your phone

blackroseMD1 says:

Go check the Evo 3D CDMA Development forum at XDA. Haus put up both odexed and deodexed versions of the stock ROM, both pre-rooted.

doomstang says:

It also adds native Screenshot capabilities (holding the Power button + pressing the Home key).
The screenshot posted yesterday showed you could manually receive the update starting 8/18 (today) so it's no surprise to those who read it.

jean15paul says:

thank you doomstang ... how did you figure this out?

Floss82 says:

Where is my Sensation 4g update?!?! Lol

JerzieBarbie says:

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? Screeshots???? YES!!!! There is an Android/HTC God. :-) I'm updating now so in the meantime I can read what you guys have to say and so far, im excited!!!!

Freshy#WN says:

I'm rooted. It says update is available but I'm scared to download it

Don't. You cannot take the update if you are rooted. Being rooted is so much better. Stay put!

blackroseMD1 says:

Just hop over to XDA and download the rooted version of the update that Haus put up.

KRYER1 says:

Screen shot is what I needed. Good looking out...

KRYER1 says:

Screen shot is what I needed. Good looking out...

slinkeril says:

I have a question... According to the Android Version we got bumped to 2.3.4 ..... where is the google talk video chat ?

Floss82 says:

Hey guys if you want some hot Sense 3.0 skins, you can get them from the Market for FREE?!?! Search and Try Thyrus Ginger Thyparancy Arched or Inverted Sense 3.0 skins.

JerzieBarbie says:

I downloaded them, now where will they be? In skins?

Floss82 says:

You can find the skin(s) by clicking the Personalize icon, then click on Skins and you should see it in there.

ericj09 says:

Thanks, The ArchInvt looks really good.

Is it taking anyone else forever to download this update or is it just me

Glenuendo says:

It must be a big update because it is taking awhile. Of course I'm updating using EVDO in an area where EVDO sucks. That doesn't help.

tllemmon says:

The update size is 45.67 MB.

Glenuendo says:

I'm such a n00b to Android that I didn't notice any bugs. Oh well, I'm always up for an update.

biged214 says:

Everything that was blue like check marks and what not is now gingerbread green!

SEJ says:

It doesn't look like anyone else mentioned this but they also upgraded the Swype that was pre-installed on the phone. I noticed the horizontal word selection that is part of Swype v3 so I checked the Swype version in the Applications menu and it's v3.2-something. That's a nice added bonus to this upgrade.

tmslv says:

It looks like the icons of apps on SD card no longer disappear after a reboot!

jarobusa says:

I can verify this. A nice fix.

jdvandemark says:

it didnt on mine..

ssinaz says:

This is a nice fix. How small but insanely annoying was this issue?

crxssi says:

Yep, that was the FIRST thing I checked this morning. All fixed!!!

DaEXfactoR says:

Yup, downloading now...

itS#WN says:

Can you root your phone after the update the same way?

isaiah32#AC says:

Don't know if this was doable before but it allowed me to uninstall Nascar and Blockbuster.

slayerpsp says:

Yes you could already to that

slayerpsp says:

Im rooted with custom rom I did the ota thing it will not update if you have a custom rom.But there is a rooted version of this already out which works fine but wifi tether doesn't work

ivan1.ruiz says:

After the update I cannot connect to wifi. Keeps getting stuck on "obtaining IP"

cary farrell says:

Doing the same on mine. Says "unable to scan" and kicks it out. Need to fix ASAP.

cary farrell says:

Rebooted phone and seems to be working now.

Milad6923 says:

And now you can root your phone through the , just gotta register , login , and use the instruction for EU sensation , it worked for me!!!

iwin5982#AC says:

FML...update killed my recent call log and now it doesn't change along with that IM IN TOKYO Not in or near there double FML

ksjmh13 says:

I dont know if its just me but after the update the HTC picture frame widget border is just plain white instead of looking like its in a "picture frame". any one else noticed this?

rcollins001 says:

Yep, mine is white too, good heads up

Ytalian says:

downloading the new update right now. I hope it helps in keeping my phone from getting hot/warm. This is my second phone and it's now doing the same thing. I even replaced my battery.........grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

crxssi says:

All smartphones get warm when they are discharging the battery. I have had three different Android phones, a WebOS phone, and several PalmOS phones. Every one of them does it under heavy discharge.

billfan says:

Maps GPS wasnt all that accurate before...maybe off by about 200-300 feet...not bad, but bad enough that checking into places was dificult (it didnt think I was actually there).

Updated this morning and GPS has gone haywire. Although I'm in San Diego, my phone continues to think I'm in Burlington, Illinois. Killed and restarted Maps, as well as rebooted twice now. Still on Burlington! Arrghh.

FaisDogg says:

I have been checking...But no update available in my area..San Francisco CA

kx250ryder says:

Scrolling and zooming in the browser has gotten much smoother.

the ability to send apps from phone to sd has been taken away

crxssi says:

No it hasn't. Under manage applications, there is still a button on every app that says "Move to SD card".

not on my phone only some apps, it used to be about ever app, your phone is different?

dwb3838 says:

After the update I keep loosing network connection and have to reboot to get it back .

ivan1.ruiz says:

After a while my phone recognized the ip

stevenofnine says:

Just finished my update. Screen shot really cool! Home Screen apps from SD Card do stay now after reboot, but take a while to show (including custom Lock Screen icons). Phone feels about the same to me, but never noticed any lag at any times myself. Gonna keep playing and see what else I can find!

iwin5982#AC says:

OK also camera silence is GONE and I get some crazy welcome sound when the sun is glaring on my screen from the weather widget

jguytarist says:

That sound can be silenced, just click on the weather icon on the clock widget and tap menu and it is in the settings.

ssinaz says:

Did this update break netflix?

ecaggiani says:

Nope. Netflix still works on mine after the update :-)

ssinaz says:

Thanks ecaggiani, will download it now. Don't want to lose my Netflix like after the last update to the EVO 4g.

BOOGIE201 says:

Is it me or does anyone that has done the update also notice poor battery life now as oppose to before the updated was downloaded???

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the app icons aren't so blurry now as they were before... they used to see kinda fuzzy on the home screens, but they seem pretty sharp now. Could be a placebo effect I suppose.

Showking says:

The icon resolution is much sharper now and the carousel seems to spin faster and smoother as well as the mentioned improvements.

crxssi says:

Unfortunately, there is still no way to adjust the size of the text on the icons and user interface to make them a little bigger, like they were on the lower-resolution Evo 4G :(

Also still can't remove the damn "Sprint Zone" app. I hate that thing! (And no, I don't want to root).

ballstjer says:

New version of swype! No more annoying pop up box! says:

Could you elaborate on what's new about it other than no more pop-up box? Does it improve otherwise?

ashton4life says:

Well it seems run snappier but my biggest issue with the phone since I bought it has been the lack of volume. I don't see any difference up to now. Anyone else noticed any improvment? Or is that going to be a different update.....firmware maybe? Some one correct me pls.

lstewartvt says:

can now shoot 1080p video

FaisDogg says:

I don't see any option for 1080p...They prolly sent you "Ice Cream Sandwich" update... ;)

jhoannarango says:

They seem to have fixed the Sync process with your contacts. Every time you restarted your phone, Sync would ask you to confirm the matches of your contacts, and it was annoying having to go one by one, and when the phone restarted or you had to login again to the app ( facebook in my case ) It will ask you to confirm all over again. ANNOYING.. but it seems to be fixed now :D

rellsantana1 says:

Screenshots now available hold down Power+Home button

tgrant1975 says:

After update my app icons still doesn't appear after rebooting. Anyone knows what the problem is?

BOOGIE201 says:

Again as anyone noticed shorter batt life since the update??

Tekka says:

Mine seems a bit better IMO, hasn't moved for sometime now. Reading manga as we speak...

Holt85 says:

I love the swype update. says:

Could you elaborate on what's new about it other than no more pop-up box? Does it improve copy/paste?

kevinu81 says:

Ok the update messed up the status update section for friend stream, every time i type in a message on the friend stream app, it highlights the previous text and erases it.....

Crosa27 says:

Noticing a new HTC widget for 4G. It allows you to toggle between SPRINT 4G and CORP 4G. Does anyone know the difference between the two?
Go to personalize --> Widget --> Browse all HTC widgets. The first widget that comes up is called Sprint Corp 4G.
If you add the widget to your home screen, and it appears to be grayed out, then you have to turn on 4G in the 'Quick Settings' drop down to make the widget selectable.
It selects SPRINT 4G by default but you can toggle it to CORP 4G.

George West says:

I noticed a drop in the temp of the phone and it does seem faster. Of course a female friend of mine noticed that the 'Mirror App' is no longer available. LOL, figures I forgot all about it. I live near the St. Louis, MO (IL side) & when I use the 4G I have to admit it is FAST!!! I down loaded a 1 minute 30 second video in 40 second. If you go to where I live (NOT 4G) it takes almost 2 minutes. I'd like to see an update to the camera software so it takes better pictures.

What I need to know is when will a new update be issued? This last update ripped me a new one! I cannot tyoe on the web with the stock browser had to go to the play store and get a whole new keyboard and browser of sorts overlay.
I am so angry with my phone till I thought about getting an iphone.
I called HTC and got the run around I called Sprint got the run around there too!
I go the ice cream trash in my phone and now when I type on the web with the stock browser stock keyboard it grinds to a crawl and when I go back to erase a word the curser jumps to other places invisibly on the page and erases words that I had no intention of erasing?
I can see these typing issues when I type on yahoo blogs and when I do tyoe the little green spell check boxes disappear and little grey boxes sometimes appears in there places sometimes I don't see any boxes.
The speed of my brick on life support is much better but typing is a joke at best a nightmare at worst.
I took my original brick in after the update to see if Sprint could fix it they installed ice cream again and it did the same thing then came back to the store to pick up my replacement phone same thing!
Does anybody know how to root my phone? All I want is gingerbread back in my phone.
I have a laptop and eighteen wheels I run all over the country don't do New York nor Philadelphia I can meet you at a nearby Truck Stop.
Please help all I want is the original gingerbread to hell with ice cream!
Also please tell me how much you will charge me so I know how much to bring.
I typed this on my BlackBerry till I can get my phone restored to factory specs.
I really loved my phone and its incredible browser but I now hate the browser due to ice cream trashing my phone up.

Angi Hall says:

Updated yesterday and Swype no longer works. Can it b fixed?