HTC Watch

Users in Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands will no longer be able to use the service after May 31

HTC Watch, the Taiwanese companies streaming movie service introduced last year with the HTC Sensation, is getting a bit of restructuring. According to an official response from HTC, the service will be discontinued in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands after May 31.

As we continue to deliver new content for HTC Watch, we've made the decision to focus our efforts on markets with the highest engagement. After May 31, we'll discontinue support for HTC Watch in countries with less application traffic.

While users is Spain can fall back on Google Play Movies for their movie streaming and purchasing, Google's service isn't available in the other five affected countries so users will have to use a service offered by their local operator or one of the other web based services available. If you're in one of the affected countries and have a favorite alternative, sing out in the comments.


Reader comments

HTC dropping HTC Watch support for 6 countries in Europe come May 31


Ah can't say that I'm surprised but it isn't good that now those few countries with Watch enabled devices can't access a video service from either Google or HTC.
Also, there's an error in the article. The Sensation and Watch were announced in early 2011, not last year.

HTC Just can't catch a break, now, can they!? And most of the blows they've been getting lately are from 3rd parties :S


Can only honestly say they used this product more than once? HTC, make more devices, there are enough movie/music services!

Got the HTC Watch app with my HTC Sensation. For a long time the only thing available (in Norway) was a couple of trailers. It took ages before we could buy anything there, and by then people probably never remembered checking in anymore. I won't be missing HTC Watch, though it would be nice to be included in the full range of Google Play services.

I'll be using Netflix myself, but I miss an option to have an offline option for those plane/car/bustrips.