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Want a closer look at all three flavors of HTC Desire C? Look no further -- you'll find official renders of the red, white and black versions after the break.


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Aww isnt that a cute little smartphone but it sucks! Sorry it only has a 600 mhz processor. How the hell can that thing run ICS?

how come people are still fixated that more megapixels mean a camera is better than another and more Mhz/Ghz means its better. Its easy to think a 600mhz processor now can run like a 1ghz two years ago.

What is impressive is last year sense 3.0 was so bloated but they have ICS and newer sense on this phone

I can underclock my Incredible 2, which is a single core, down to 368mhz Max CPU frequency, and it still runs ICS just fine. High end games might choke it, but basic tasks like e-mail, web browsing, even watching videos are all perfectly fine. And given the small screen size of the Desire C, those are probably the sort of tasks owners will be most interested in.

Remember, Google never gave minimum specs for ICS. There were rumors of 1Ghz, but they were just that - rumors.

No one ever claimed that. I think they said they were going to focus on fewer models, but not that they were going to ONLY make the One series.