HTC has confirmed via Twitter that its new Incredible S will run Android 2.2 out of the box, but will receive an update to version 2.4 shortly after launch. The Desire S and Wildfire S, however, will run 2.4 when they're released. HTC has also committed to a Honeycomb update for the Flyer in Q2.

This discrepancy is most likely down to release timing -- the Incredible S launches next month, whereas the Desire S and Wildfire S are slated for release during the second quarter of the year.

To find out more about HTC's new toys, check out our hands-on coverage of the Incredible S and Wildfire S from today's HTC Mobile World Congress event. [HTC on Twitter]


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HTC confirms Incredible S to ship with Froyo, will get 2.4 'soon after'


Am i a jerk by saying that these phones are outdated, and whats the point of launching the same hardware a year later, by this time last year everyone was excited about HTC upcoming EVO and Incredible. These phone are just sad. Why would anyone upgrade from last years phone to those one?

Wait, what's the difference between the Incredible S and the Thunderbolt? Aren't they both 4in screens? Aren't they both Verizon?

4.0 vs 4.3

No HDMI out vs HDMI out

Different form factor/ color set

No word if the incredible S will even reach Verizon anyways. That said, why they release phone so closely related in spec and design is beyond me.

these anyone think htc will be launching any dual core phone this year?
Maybe i should just buy a new battery and be happy with my evo for another year... Battery life is killing me

The source for this is HTC's Twitter feed, not the press release. The samples at MWC today were running 2.3.2, but HTC says the Incredible S will ship with 2.2 and the rest with 2.4.

Thanks i was planning on waiting and getting the DInc S... guess not now. I love my Dinc but the battery life is miserable.

Definitely, but I wouldn't expect anything different with the thunderbolt either. Same battery, larger screen yikes! I'm going to start looking at moto and samsung for dual cores. I believe this to be the future of better battery management.

No 4g and same insides. Only thing different is bigger screen and front facing camera. Forget it! WHAT A LET DOWN!