Although HTC may be having their troubles with the folks from ChaCha the search engine company, announcing the HTC ChaCha in Barcelona, Spain doesn't seem like such a great idea now either. Not because of the Facebook button but rather the usage of the word chacha that, in Spanish holds a rather not so friendly meaning. As such, from here on out in Spain (and likely the U.S. eventually) the device formerly known as the HTC ChaCha will now be the HTC ChaChaCha. Although we're sure it will have a hard time abandoning the "Facebook phone" title anyway. Wonder how ChaCha Inc. feels now? [HTC via Engadget]


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HTC ChaCha to be known as the HTC ChaChaCha in Spain


I've been wanting a Blackberry style Android phone and the Motorola Charm was a good concept except it's a piece of crap phone, this looks like a much better device.

But the name and the Facebook button is quite silly.

The name chacha is also slang fora womans special area in certain spanish speaking countries in case anyones wondering.

As long as it is not ChoCho which is slang in Spain for lady parts. (@OldHatch, you are close, but the word is cho cho.)