HTC Bravo

Looks like our pals over in England have quite a few big weeks in store. Above is the HTC Bravo in the flesh, which reportedly will be headed that way toward the end of February, bringing nearly the same specs as the Google Nexus One, including the 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 5MP camera, and all the other goodies. But what's new is an optical trackpad, seen in the middle of the device, instead of the trackball we have on the Nexus One here.

Coming earlier in the month, on Feb. 4, is the LG InTouch Max, which we've come to know as the LG GW620, sporting a 3-inch touchscreen, slider QWERTY keyboard and 5MP camera with face recognition. [via]

LG InTouch Max

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joshh347 says:

Is this HTC Bravo coming to the US at all? Which carrier? TMO?

JNsince1985 says:

Hmm, I thought/was kinda hoping that the Bravo came with a physical QWERTY. Oh well, Sense and Snapdragon is a win-win.

Scott says:

optical trackpad +8

Mateo says:

I'm turning a blind eye to all Android Phones until there is a SnapDragon CPU + ATT Compatible 3G. Might be a while....

ibabox says:

Didn't blackberry try out that trackpad a couple models ago?

Yeah, it's on the Bold 9700 (which we looked at for the Round Robin). And it's pretty good, actually, but looks different than this one here.

Anonymous says:

I really hope the Bravo got upgraded to 512MB RAM like the NexusOne, instead of the 256MB that was originally reported a couple months ago.

shafe says:

i thought the bravo was the version of the nexus one that's coming to verizon?

Flip says:

does any body knw which carrier?

Ruben says:

In the leaked roadmap it calls the Bravo the Incredible a few times. Engadget confirmed (from looking at code) that a phone called the Incredible was going to Verizon. They didn't know what the phone was though. It looks like VZW will launch the Bravo with the Nexus One because they enjoy having control over their smart-phones; where as the Nexus One will be controlled by Google.

Anonymous says:

Is the HTC Bravo coming to T-mobile USA?? If yes, when? I would really love to wait and get this phone instead of the Nexus One.