HTC Bliss

The HTC Bliss is a device that continues to pop up in various places and this time around it has landed at the FCC. Looking at the info from the page, it appears to be making a home at Verizon whenever it passes through. The CDMA bands are a give away but it also appears to have Global GSM compatibility on board as well.

Sadly, there isn't much else info available for this female centric device and it looks like the FCC went back to blocking the details but we're guessing the information on this one won't be slowing down -- in fact, it'll just pick up pace until we see it land on store shelves.

Source: FCC; via: Engadget

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oz0ne says:

Comic Sans...really?

tada1096 says:

this isnt the vigor right?

judasmachine says:

Gawd no. This is another entry level smartphone. Like the Eris, Cirtus, and the like...

judasmachine says:

These new little phones are making me pine for my old Eris. Yes I took some ribbing from people calling it 'cute.' But after a year plus with my DX, I want a smooth little phone that fits comfortably in my hand.

oz0ne says:

It's called your cock. And quit calling it a "phone".

judasmachine says:

No, that's too small. :(

oz0ne says:

Touche. Finally, someone that can take a joke and come right back without whining.

engineer2001 says:

Have you seen the pic that Engadget is showing from XDA-Dev of the guy (I think?) in a pink shirt holding it that was on a Verizon mailer? LOL. I guess it's for lady-men too.

XDA-Dev link: