Hong Kong event on Oct. 16, Taiwan on Oct. 18

The HTC One Max is almost upon us, with a slew of recent leaks having brought to light much information about the unreleased 5.9-inch handset. Previous reports have pointed to an unveiling on or around Oct. 15, and now a couple of invites sent out to the Asian press suggest that date might prove close to the mark. Engadget has received details of events taking place in Hong Kong on Oct. 16, followed by HTC's native Taiwan on Oct. 18.

"One finger opens up a big view. You are invited to immerse in the sound with us," states one of the invites. That certainly sounds a lot like the HTC One Max we've been getting to know through various leaks in recent months. Naturally, we'll keep you apprised of any further developments.

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HTC Asia invites point to possible One Max launch dates


I hope they bring it to Japan, too, if they bring it for the Spring collection 2014 I'll be just about ready to upgrade!!

I think I may have figured out why some people want a such a huge handset. They actually want a small tablet. The smaller tablet is more portable (pocketable) and can be easier to text and Facebook than a 7 inch. And on extremely rare or emergency situations the bonus of 4G access and making a phone call.

Another subsection may be previous iPhone users of Facebook and Instagram who finally want to break free of the teeny tiny display screen.

Depends. A One Maxx is worthless to me because it is just a bigger phone. It needs to have... More.

The note 3 on the other hand brings tons of extras to the table.

I am really surprised no one has gone head to head with the Note

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I agree. A phone this size needs at least a stylus. They haven't unveiled it so I'm still hoping that it does.

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No on said they wouldn't but I will play along.

At 6 inches and even 7 it is tough for my sausage fingers to not mistype.

I can be more precise with a stylus. Just like I can be with a N10 which I will upgrade to more sooner than later

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Samsung disagrees with you and those who support your premise that phones "this size" need a stylus.

Samsung's new curve phone "this size" will not have a stylus. It's not a Note.

Different products for different uses. There are capacitive stylus that will work on most handsets as an alternative to fat finger issues people.

Besides the stylus / script to text feature which most Note owners in these forums claim they don't use after the novelty, please list a few of the ton of the Notes unique features. I'm really interested in learning the distinction.

Look up the review, I plan on using almost all the features offered.

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Apparently you are unwilling to or unable to list just "a few" of the ton of "unique" features you attribute to the Note.

"A One Maxx is worthless to me because it is just a bigger phone."

A One Max is appealing to me specifically because it is a bigger phone.

I'm a big guy, with big hands, big thumbs and big pockets (literally big, not overflowing with cash).

Even 5" phones can be hard for me to type on in portrait mode. I am very comfortable using and typing on a 7" tablet, but it's a bit too big to carry every day, plus that's just one more device to carry everywhere.

Phablets seem to be tailor-made for those like me.

After the poor sales performance of the HTC One, which failed to breath new life into HTC, HTC thinks spending money they don't have on a more expensive to build fringe product is going to bring them back to profitability?

Actually the Htc one sold well, not sure what your talking about the fact they don't have other products is what's killing them, Samsung and lg have, TV, fridges toasters lol they have a brand outside of mobile that helps.

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The problem they have is marketing. No manufacturer has found the balance between spending money on making the phone and advertising. Samsung and apple focus on marketing, others on the phone. The result being really great phones being overshadowed by some good (in apples case, 2-3 year old tech-using, Samsung's use stuff that are good but not as many usuable features) phones

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Excellent point. Feel free to disagree, but I would classify it like this:

Apple: good hardware/great marketing
Samsung: good hardware/good marketing
HTC/BB: great hardware/terrible marketing

Of course there's more to the equation (user experience, device ecosystem, software functionality), but I think the above stands true.