HTC Aria

The HTC Aria is now available in Australia, supported by the carrier Optus. The Aria features a 3.2-inch touchscreen, Android 2.1, 5MP camera and HTC Sense. It is an attractive phone, especially if you don't want to spend top dollar on one of the high-end devices. The Aria will be available mid-October free with a two-year contact on on the Optus if users choose the Optus Cap plan or the Business Complete Advantage plan.

“The HTC Aria’s unique combination of compact size and beautiful design instantly separates HTC Aria from other devices on the market,” said Anthony Petts, Sales and Marketing Director ANZ, HTC Corporation.

For the full announcement, see the source link. If you're in Australia and have been looking for a cost-efficient, but powerful device, consider the Aria. [HTC]


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HTC Aria makes its way to Australia

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This is a really nice phone. Since Im spoiled by the EVO Screen size I wouldn't get it but it has a really solid build and is really quick. IF i was still on At&t this probably would have been my first android phone and not the HERO.