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HTC sends word via its official Facebook page that in addition to the handful of phones already announced, Verizon's Rhyme, Droid Incredible 2 and Thunderbolt will be getting the latest version of Android later in the year. And on the Canadian side, the manufacturer has confirmed that the HTC Raider on Rogers and Bell will also see ICS in the months ahead.

We have more good news related to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, and can confirm that upgrades are planned for Verizon Wireless customers with the HTC Rhyme, HTC Thunderbolt, and DROID Incredible 2 by HTC, as well as the already announced HTC Rezound.
In addition, the HTC Raider is on the list to receive ICS for customers of Rogers and Bell in Canada. Stay tuned for more news on Ice Cream Sandwich releases in the coming weeks.

So great news for owners of those phones, especially the long-suffering Thunderbolt, which took long enough to get bumped from Froyo to Gingerbread. HTC expects to begin updating international handsets to ICS in the next month, starting with the Sensation and Sensation XE.

Source: HTC USA Facebook

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ulmerj79 says:

Cant wait to see what the devs come up with.

Dural says:

Tired of hearing about the units that WILL be updated (by any manufacturer); start updating them.

dannychaos says:

What version of sense will Thunderbolt users get with the update? 3.5? Either way, I'm happy they at have the update planned for us. HTC just gained brownie points from me.

Treknologist says:

It'll most likely be Sense 4. Unless I'm mistaken, that's the version of Sense that works with ICS.

RichardClark says:

In the comments on HTC's Facebook page, the HTC rep says that the ThunderBolt will be getting Sense 3.5.

They said they'll update it.....didn't say when.

sakasune says:

Hot damn! As a Thunderbolt owner that makes me someone familiar with how long it takes for updates to roll out, I'm depressed again

yankees2323 says:

Everytime I see this I hope the EVO 4G will be on it. Looks like it won't get ICS. Anybody try any good custom ICS roms for the EVO? Just trying to make it until June when I get my upgrade. Hopefully there will be some better Sprint phones out by then. Nothing looks that great right now. Beside the upcoming Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Any word on if the Samsung Note is coming to Sprint?

Jeremy626 says:

evo 4g is pretty old now.

Unibrow says:

The Epic Touch is a fantastic device, really the only thing I dislike about it going into the future is that it's a wimax device but if LTE is not going to be in your area anytime soon it's a non issue.

AndroidOne says:

What do you mean by "Just trying to make it until June...", AFAIK, the Evo 4G should continue working as it normally does even when other phones get official ICS updates

yankees2323 says:

I know the EVO will keep working. I just want a new phone and my upgrade isn't until June. I've been with Sprint for 8 years and got a new phone every year until they ended the Premier program. This is the first time I had a phone over a year and I'm ready for a new one. I've tried all the Gingerbread ROMS and I want some slick new ICS. Plus, my girlfriend wants my phone when I upgrade.

Ningboren says:

Finally, HTC thunderbolt has been added to the list. Now let's see how long shall we wait.

ryocoon says:

As much as I want to believe them, I will believe it when I see it. By and large; Most manufacturers say one thing, promise another, deliver a third, and support a fourth. Often none of those things overlap.

It is good to see them commit to it, but I still won't believe them until I see it running.

carlosrey23 says:

The Rhyme???? Wow my wife has this...I would not have expected this mid-level device to get it. Good Job HTC.

Now Get it done!!!!

dd0yl3 says:

I just hope a leak comes out soon for thunderbolt, so developers can get their hands on the ril.

RichardClark says:

Doing my happy dance. *checks to make sure webcam is off*

mhuggins says:

still no EVO but the thunderbolt gets it..... That is truly sorry HTC that us BS ..... Just saying

jrstinkfish says:

The Evo is 3 months away from being 2 years old (even if yours isn't, the model is), what exactly is the cutoff for HTC to not update a phone to ICS??

Edge1978 says:

I'm not seeing it on the list, but I could've sworn I read that the Inspire was getting ICS as well?

Smalls says:

It's a little surprising that the Inspire 4G isn't on that list. Then again, why should I care? The Inspire is practically a replica of the Desire HD, so we'll have an unofficial release anyway.

mputtr says:

bummer.. no HTC Desire Z

mflava#AC says:

Well at least HTC is good on their word. Can't say that Samsung has a good track record.

Agreed. And I wouldn't count on Samsung to ever update anything. You might get an update, or you might not. I was burned by them more than once. Never again.

joshua.worth says:

Congrats to the people with those devices now hopefully they hold up their end of the bargain. They should HTC has a halfway decent track record.

SabinBobo says:

So the Rhyme gets ICS, but not the Nexus One? Aren't they basically the same phone?

Thunderbolt....,ICS.. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

xs228 says:

Woohoo!!! Can't wait to get some of that ICS on ma 'Bolt. Of course the devs will probably beat HTC to it the way things are progressing.

cr33p says:

What happened to the Shift? Its not that old, still no love GRRRRRR

leftheodo says:

HTC is still the best company when it comes to software updates! Samsung is a great company but they are not even updating the SGS! I was sure i was going for the SGS 3 but seeing how many phones HTC is updating and the HTC ONE X, i'm not very sure now!

Joelist says:

Remember the EVO is basically end of life because the network it runs on is being phased out. As to the Thunderbolt it will be a tricky build because Sense over a certain version needs dual core.

leftheodo says:

Sense 3.0 on desire s and HD runs just fine! It will run smoothly especially with ICS!

There is no reason the EVO 4G can't make the cut if the Droid Incredible 2 is on there. True, it is hitting EOL, but the specs are there as well as the sheer amount of people still using that phone (I'm sure a lot more than the Droid Incredible 2) to compel HTC to give this phone ICS. I feel like I should contact them directly and/or start a petition for it.

CaptDigB says:

Droid Inc 2 has more ram than the Evo and a newer processer mabey thats why.

jimbl says:

Can't wait until 2013, when the Rezound should get it's update.

chappo2000 says:

The evo 4g is a great example how - in the age of two year contracts - it's vitally important to get a phone in the first few months of release. I bought mine June 2010, a week after release. I'm up for renewal in April. Anyone who bought the evo Dec 2010 and later is basically stuck with the status quo with no hope of things getting better.

Erievon says:

***HAPPY DANCE!!!*** I didn't think there was a snow balls chance in the hot south that my Dinc2 would get ICS. Kudos HTC. Well, as long as it's not like, January 2013.

False_Aesop says:

This is a nice surprise. I had no hope or expectation for my DInc2 to make the list for ICS, even when I saw the IncredibleS get listed I didn't think the 2 would make it. I needed some unexpected good news.

Me too friend. This making me feel a lot better about my Christmas present to myself

Especially after we got passed up on the Sense 3.0 upgrade that the Incredible S got. That made me so pissed

julez says:

Great! Just in time for Jelly Bean... grrrr Google needs to start controlling the OS update process like it's competitors. Now I didn't say get rid of ROMs or rooting or anything of that nature. I just still don't care for how the carrier's or vendors have the control over what update is pushed or not.

xgunther says:

Awesome news. HTC listened to their customers and responded accordingly. HTC has really stepped up their game and as a result is now the leading Android OEM in regards to support. Keep it up HTC!

eastfamily says:

The EVO 4G is the Battlestar Gallactica of the HTC Lineup. Not the most formidable craft, but will be the last man standing. Can still take a punishing amount of data and perform every time. Give us some love HTC!

serpa4 says:

The Droid Razr Maxx that I just purchased for my wife last week hasn't been announced for an ICS update by MOTO and it's only a week old. Perhaps MY next phone will be HTC.

cyanogen-man says:

Many its the same thing as the razrbc its the same phone just a bigger battery that's it

twbtr says:

Ever think that maybe the powers that be dont want the evo 4g to be updated? The sheer number of people that are going to be eligible for upgrades in the coming months is probably reason enough for htc-sprint to be seeing big dollars in phone sales and contract extensions. While i love my evo I cant help but notice more and more things that have been bothering me that only seem to be getting worse with each update, sense resets/battery life/ etc. I know i have caught myself checking out upcoming phones more and more closely the more frustrated i get. Simply put the evo 4g has made all the money that they think they can squeeze out of it and they are ready to dip back in our pockets, rather than continue to offer adequate support to keep customers satisfied with their equipment.Or maybe im just paranoid

Erievon says:

I cant imagine the uprising if my DInc2 ends up with ICS before the bionic or razr. HTC hasnt given a timeline but motorola has kind of eluded to 3rd quarter I think. Motorola used to be excellent with their upgrades, so I'm rather stunned by the release the other day from them.

cyanogen-man says:

Still no inspire or desire HD love sad sad shame ;(

Synycalwon says:

I'll have to withhold judgement on ICS for the Thunderbolt. Hopefully, it doesn't introduce new bugs or cause the random reboots again. You know there will be bugs though and probably another update after ICS to fix em. As it stands now, the Thunderbolt on Gingerbread is quite stable, so I'm more of the mindset: "Leave my Thunderbolt alone!" LOL

rasmithsr says:

No love for the EVO 4G? Come on HTC, you can do better than that!

bmatlosz says:

I was told the hardware and memory were not adequate for ICS. I had the EVO 4G and I constantly ran into memory issues.