HP Slate 7

You could spend $170 on a HP Slate 7, but you shouldn't

You can officially not buy the HP Slate 7 today, as the tablet nobody would ever want is now available at HP's website. Your $170 does get you a nice design and quality materials (and Beats audio!), but the lackluster internals and low resolution 1024 x 600 display means you should give this one a pass. For $30 more you can get a Nexus 7 from Google or your local brick and mortar retailer.

But, if you insist, click the link below to order. 

Source: HP; via: Engadget


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HP Slate 7 now available online for $170


"Beats Audio" is simply an EQ setting. You can easily replicate it by boosting mid-bass with a software EQ on any Android device.

The truth is that Beats is a negative, because you can't turn it off to get a flat, correct audio response curve, plus you're paying for licensing fees for the logo for something that is essentially free (the EQing itself).

There is no way an EQ app can replicate, beats audio. I am sorry, I have multiple phones and seen them compared to the HTC One and other HTC devices with Beats audio and nothing compares to it. It is more louder, the bass level is perfect, not too much nor too little. I am possibly looking to buy this tablet, yes the Nexus 7 is better in terms of processor and display, but I think the design of the Slate 7 is nicer and has a very good overall premium look. My HP touchpad is still kicking with Android 4.1 so we know root will keep this tablet up with the Nexus.

you find me an app that exactly replicates beats audio app and ill will buy you a happy meal. seriously i challenge any one to find me an app, FREE not PAID either. i have tried all these phones at the gym iphone 4s, S3, note 2, running Pandora and non come close to my DNA. yes the audio quality isn't the best, but still beats (oh the irony) out the rest of the phones i mentioned up above.

I agree.. maybe it's because I'm a Hip Hop artist but Beats Audio coupled with a Beats headset sounds great, even in other music genres. Even the local engineers tend to use the HP laptops with Beats Audio for thier home studios (and yes, they went to school for it). It just makes sense. I think people hate Beats just to hate Beats & no other reason.

Your touchpad has beats as well. It should have been one of the first devices with it. Just never had the logo branded on it.

I'm with the other guy, I had a terrible experience with the Nexus 7. It was ridiculously slow, battery life was terrible, build quality was at best, mediocre, and the display was terrible. Not saying this HP device would be better (can't see how it would be worse though) and I have already moved back to an iPad 3, but that isn't a bad price HP is selling it for.

I have to say though that the HP Touchpad makes an excellent Android tablet...for $99 and some modding, it is probably way better than this trash...

$150 maybe worth a look, but $170 is close enough to $200 that you might as well get a Nexus 7. Doesn't Asus already have a comparable tablet at $150?

That makes perfect sense, if money is tight.

Depending on the car, $20 is a tank of gas.

Or, depending on how a person eats, $20 could provide lunch money for a week. My point is: some people try to get the most out of their money. If you can save the $20, then that makes better sense than wasting it.

But we're not talking about a tank of gas. If you are $20 short to buy a quality tablet, buying a far inferior one instead is NOT a good buy.

For some folks, $30 makes a big difference. And for some folks, the inclusion of a microSD card slot makes this a better choice than the Nexus 7 (though not me). This isn't a device aimed at most of the readers here (power users) it's a budget device.
That said, it would have been better at $150, which is what it sounded like it would go for at first.

This. I couldn't have said it better. If storage space (or microSD card slot) isn't needed, I've seen the first generation Kindle fire going for less than $100. I almost bought one, before taking the plunge on the Note 10.1.

Can this tablet be anymore irrelevant in today's marketplace? HP moves like molasses, I bet this product has been delayed by about six months (or more). HP probably sunk a ton of R&D into this, not to mention agreements with suppliers and now they simply had to release it. I will be the first one to admit that I hate HP with a passion because of their substandard products, quality and customer support. I'm a very objective person and this assessment is based on a lot of experience and applies both to their consumer and enterprise products. As a matter of fact, everything I dislike about the company is summarized well by the release of this product. A day late and a dollar short... I look forward to reading the case study about how HP squandered away all its fortunes and went bankrupt.

Gladly will wait to see what the Nexus 7.2 has to offer. Before buying another tablet. If HP would have used a better screen I'd be interested but they didn't.

Why being so negative about a product like this, I mean yeah it delivers less display resolution that the Nexus 7 by 200x200 but looking at what people can buy with $200 I think expandable memory, both front and back camera and sleek metal plate design this tablet is just as competent as the Nexus 7. No need to rely on cloud storage to view any of your content with the expandable memory and you can save those $30. Look at apple releasing retina display and then releasing their lower res screen on the minis and they have sold pretty well. It is always a matter of perspective and comparison of what each individual needs. Kmon!!

I can't see why anyone would talk themselves into this tablet. This is essentially a OG Kindle Fire in a different body with Micro-SD and crappy cameras. Oh yeah, and Jelly Bean. Sorry, but there is no way I would pay $170 for this device, especially with HP's track record with mobile devices. Now at $125 then you would be saying something, but it still would be to buy for someone else, not for my own use. Heck, HP will probably only sell it for a couple of months before throwing in the towel.

Looks like HP is sold out of the Slate 7s. I'll have to look again in a few days and see if they get more in stock.