Chromebook 11

Recall ordered after nine microUSB chargers overheat; future orders to ship with new charger

HP and Google have recalled wall chargers for the Chromebook 11 after receiving reports that some adapters have overheated, resulting in burns and damage to property. According to a listing on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's website, Google has received nine reports of overheating, including one report of "a small burn to a consumer" and another of "minor property damage to a pillow."

"Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled charger for the HP Chromebook 11 and contact Google for a free replacement charger," the Commission says. Google has issued an updated statement today apologizing for the issue, and an official web form allows Chromebook 11 owners to enter their details and receive a free, updated charger in the mail.

It's been just over a month since Google first halted sales of the Chromebook 11 over charger overheating concerns, shortly after which the company advised owners to stop using the bundled adapter and use another microUSB charger instead. Earlier this month a new charger design appeared on the Google Play Store, and presumably it's this model Google will be shipping to Chromebook 11 owners with the defective unit.

Google says it's resuming sales of the Chromebook 11 and that all future orders will come with the updated charger, however at the time of writing the device still hasn't reappeared for sale.

Source: CPSC via The Verge; Google Chrome blog

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mattopotamus says:

I thought this issue happened about a month ago and was already addressed?

MC_A_DOT says:


This is just going to fuel the scroogled campaign.

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Yeah, not a great way to build market faith.

Right, because a windows computer has NEVER had a charger recall...

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bez54 says:

Ha ha

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drokssilva says:

Well, Microsoft doesn't use facts...

I love the AC apps signatures, they are awesome.
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

hodan says:

Actually wasn't that Apple?

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What's your point? What does a charger recall have to do with Chrome OS? Last time I checked, HP was but one Chromebook manufacturer.

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richhoops says:

I've been waiting to order one of these, finally gave up today and ordered the Samsung instead. I bet these end up back on sale in the next few days now!

mstrblueskys says:

You'll be happy with the Samsung. They're really nice.

richhoops says:

Good to hear thanks, it's arriving tomorrow.

bez54 says:

Thanks Alex. I have had no issues with the charger and laughably PC world support advised me last week that I could continue to use the charger. I have now submitted the form for a replacement. AC on the ball as always. :-)

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sectime says:

When I bought mine I discovered this accidentally by touching the charger, it was damn hot. Are the new chargers 3 amps like the original?

The new Play Store listing is the same 3A at 5.25V, but the casing looks a bit larger than the original.

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hmmm says:

That is one hot item...



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nevetsca says:

I am from Germany and had it imported via the UK. Seems like the form for the recall doesn't offer Germany in it's list of locations. Contacted support, hopefully they can help me out...


Good luck!! *Fingers crossed for you*

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Insp_Gadget says:

I'm glad I kept my original packaging. The serial number on the bottom of this Chromebook is printed so small, I couldn't read it. I had to read it off of the sticker on the box it came in.

thatguy97 says:

I had this Compaq laptop in '98 and the charger could fry an egg lol and I guess that was normal because it was never recalled.

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Love that AC are keeping us up to date on all things Google. Android and Chrome are my OS's of choice. Plus the fact that registering my HP Chromebook 11 with HP achieved nothing at all, no update, nada! If it wasn't for this post I would have been none the wiser as to the recall or the new charger being available. Cheers AC!