HP Chromebook 11

$100 bump in price gets you connection to the Verizon network

Following an extensive recall of faulty chargers, the HP Chromebook 11 is finally back up for sale in the Play Store. Equipped with a newer (and much nicer) charger, you can pick up the Chromebook 11 for the same $279 price — that'll get you an Exynos 5250-powered laptop with 2GB of RAM and a 1366 x 768 display. Every color is in-stock, save for the white with blue accents model.

As liliputing found this morning, Best Buy has quietly listed the HP Chromebook 11 with an LTE connectivity option at its online store as well. While the laptop doesn't quite show up in search results just yet, a direct link to the listing shows a $379 price with the potential for a $50 mail-in rebate. You'll be limited to just Verizon LTE, but if you're a Verizon customer you'll be able to add it to a shared data plan for just $10 — not a bad deal.

While we don't recommend the HP Chromebook 11 head-to-head with better options like the Acer C720, the existence of an LTE option may put a few people over the edge into buying territory on this one.

Source: Best Buy; Via: liliputing


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HP Chromebook 11 back in the Play Store, LTE model (sort of) shows up at Best Buy


I do like my HP 11. I wish I would have held out a few more weeks for the Acer C720 (with 4GB of RAM). I didn't expect the performance to be that drastic between the HP 11 & Acer C720. I thought that the HP 11 would be ideal for travel given that uses the same power adapter interface as all the major Android devices (except the Note 3). One less power brick to travel with was the thought process... I think I would have a hard time recommending the HP 11 over any of the Acer C720 variants.

It is also avalable in Canada at the play store if any one is interested. I however got the C720 from Acer's online store if any Canadians are looking without importing one. Had it since yesturday and love it! Andrew's review helped persuade me to get it!

Had I never read this comment I would have never known. Thank you sir.

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Nope. But given that I've literally never used MS Office on a personal computer (and hate using it at work) , I'm ok with that.

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No it doesn't but there is Google docs and the Microsoft Web app for word...

I tried using Chromebooks for school but I just couldn't. I kept having to find work around for things on the Chromebook...

You can't print unless you have a Google cloud printer.
You can't use Times New Roman in Google docs.
Opening pdf files with the Chromebook you get the wrong format.

The Chromebook was just to much of a hassle for me right now as a student.

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Ugh? Verizon?? I wish everyone would just boycott CDMA. It's horrible for the ecosystem. Besides, don't HP know everyone is switching to Tmo now? Put an band 4 in that sucker and I'll buy an LTE one in a heartbeat!! Hell, I'll buy the first chromebook with AWS band 4 support, no matter who makes it!