Chromecast Incognito

From time to time you might find yourself wanting to use Chromecast on a tab that you might not otherwise want to show up in your browser history. (Yes, as a warning to parents and a reminder to perverts, Chromecast can beam anything from a browser to the big screen. Anything.)

But in Incognito Mode, extensions are turned off by default. Flipping the switch is easy, and you can do it for individual extensions.

Just type chrome://extensions and you'll be taken to the Extensions page. From there, scroll down until you find "Google Cast," and then click the "Allow in incognito" checkbox. Now it'll work in Incognito mode, and you'll be able to Cast all those ... things .. that you might not want prying eyes to see.


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How to use Chromecast on incognito tabs


When will Google allow this from chrome on the phone? Using a PC sucks. It really does. You know it and I know it.

They won't the Chromecast a tab from your browser feature uses your PC to encode/transcode/stream (whatever you want to call it) which requires a decent CPU even on a PC.

To do this on your phone is would kill the battery + the CPU on probably 90% of phones couldn't handle it, it would be stuttering and lag like hell.

So just forget about that feature coming to phones/tablets. It will be on PC only.

That's supposed to be "They won't add the Chromecast a tab from your browser feature because it uses".

PS. Why is there no edit button??

I'm not 100% sure you're correct, but you may be. Either way, why would anyone use a PC for personal use? I just don't get it.

I couldn't help activating the dirty part of mind while reading this, it automatically happened.
Am I the only one?

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No you aren't haha. Thanks to my school friends everything that can be ambiguous is taken up provocatively, if people so much as pronounce "can't" in a weird way, BAM!

This needs an #afterdark tag as well so us android pervs and find it quickly

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The fact that this post must exist is pretty funny. You would think if someone wanted to perform "online banking" on their TV in incognito mode bad enough, they would do some research on the web.