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Fear not, you can cut down on the number of QuizUp notifications without uninstalling the game altogether

The day has finally come when the folks on Android can get in on the QuizUp craze, and we're quickly finding out that the game is both fun and extremely annoying with notifications. Being a social game, QuizUp strongly encourages the use of Facebook or Google+ login along with Google Play Games, which has the upside of getting you playing with your friends and the downside of notifying you about every. single. game.

Luckily after a bugfix update the app should at least now obey your setting selections, so you now have a few options to make QuizUp a little less bothersome in your notification bar. There's the semi-annoying step of simply removing your Facebook or Google+ account from the game, and of course the nuclear option of blocking QuizUp notifications at the system level. Hit the break and see the process — you may just be able to keep this fun game installed after all.

Use those settings toggles


You can mitigate a lot of the actionable and annoying notifications from QuizUp by simply heading into the settings area and toggling them off. Open up the app, slide in the drawer on the right side and hit "Settings" down at the bottom. You can then toggle off the Challenge, Chat and Follower notifications — if you want to know exactly when someone challenges you to a game you can probably leave "Challenge" on, but Chat and Follower probably aren't worth getting spammed over. If you want to go a step further, just hit the "Privacy Mode" toggle and you will automatically block communication from non-friends.

Pro tip: while you're in the settings, you may want to visit the "General" section and turn off the endlessly-looping background music.

Manage your social networks


Considering that other types of notifications (covered above) are easy to turn off, the most annoying of the bunch is the flood of "Phil just joined QuizUp!" notifications that pile in at the rate of about 50 per hour (at least for us). You can peg the blame on this one to signing in with your social account and/or connecting to Google Play Games. The system knows you have the game installed, knows your friends, and knows that your friends have the game installed — seems like enough reason for it to fill up your notification shade with information about that, apparently.

Unfortunately at this time the only sure-fire remedy seems to be to disconnect your social accounts from the game. You can head into the settings and log out completely, then sign back in and (unfortunately) start over with just your email address. You can always add your social accounts later if QuizUp decides to give you some control over these friend-joining-the-game notifications, but until then you can start fresh and not be bothered by them. We expect the flood of people joining the game to be over in a few weeks so you'll get fewer of these notifications, but it'll take an app update to resolve it completely.

Block every notification outright


As we said earlier, there is the "nuclear option." Say you've already hit level 15 and are a Smartypants at General Knowledge, so maybe you don't want to wipe the slate clean and start over with an email log-in. There is another way.

If you have a device running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later, you can block QuizUp from sending notifications to your phone altogether at the system level. Simply long press on a QuizUp notification and hit "App info" or head into your phone's settings and find the QuizUp entry in the app list. You can then uncheck the "Show notifications" option and your phone won't show anything from the app again.

You'll have to enter the app manually to keep up on everything, as the games, requests and chats are still coming into the app, but that may be exactly what you were looking for. With just a few tweaks, you can weather the notification storm and keep dominating your favorite topics on QuizUp.


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How to stop the flood of QuizUp notifications on your phone


When you first log in with Facebook or g+ there is a setting which you have to agree to about posting on your behalf. You need to select visible to 'only me' . This'll at least stop you clogging up people's feeds.
Posted via Android Central App

Galaga is one of my all-time faves. As for Karate Champ, I remember playing it on my old Commodore 64 but not remembering the voice. YouTube time!

The Karate Champ voice was simplistic and limited but one of the first uses of digital voices in arcade games.

Funny. Galaga was the only coin-op video game that I ever got any good at. I was pretty much mediocre at every other game. That didn't stop me from enjoying them though.

Some of my other favorites were Spy Hunter, Outrun, Gauntlet, Ghosts & Goblins, Defender, Battlezone, Robotron, and Moon Patrol. From that list you can pretty much peg my age pretty well.

By the way, was Karate Champ the first true fighting game? I can't think of an earlier one where you had two opponents facing off against each other, tournament style.

I hope you all know theres BOTS playing this game?! The devs implemented them to beat you every time and make you pay the premium account. How to spot a bot in Quizup?!
1. its always a first name (no last name and no nicknames)
2. it answer question always after 1 sec. (at the 9 mark)
3. It makes sometimes one wrong answer (never 2 or more!). And its almost every time a very silly question that almost everyone can answer but the bot is programmed to make a wrong answer. (ie. it will respond in 1 second whats the favorite drink of admiral thrawn but will make a wrong answer in whos luke skywalker father)
4. They appear after lvl 15 or 20.
5. And... private profiles ;)

So dont bother playing.

I figured out how to stop it. Uninstall. People are crazy with this game. Go do some chores or something. I'm out.

Posted via Android Central App

It's not nice to berate a group of people because they enjoy a game. Who are you to say what we should do with our free time?

This quite doesn't do it for me. I want those notifications but not in the way they are handled right now. They need to sync notification status across devices. If a certain notification is viewed on a device, that shouldn't show up on another device. Right now, as soon as I turn on wifi on any of my devices, it floods with notifications that I've already seen and acted on on another device.

Thank you very much, Andrew.
After the latest update, like you said, the app seems to follow the rules of notifications,
I was getting totally annoyed by it not following them,
Thanks again

Did anyone else have trouble actually seeing their facebook friends who use the App? For my entire list of friends it just says invite... it seems doubtful that none of them are on it, especially given that so many probably have iPhones and this has been out there for them for so long.

Why do developers use the totally crappy annoying music? It's easy to turn off but why even bother to waste the code on such total crap. I like the game just the music sucks.

They can't afford to hire an established artist for the soundtrack? It's amazing how nitpicky people get and even more amazing how proud of themselves they seem to be for being so nitpicky. It's like being an annoying person has become fashionable.