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Wade through the tangled mess of Facebook notification settings

Facebook likes to do a lot of "opt out" rather than "opt in" changes on its app updates, and the most recent culprit is a new persistent notification for users to keep up with their Facebook notifications at all times. The notification will pop up when you first install the new version of the Facebook app, and will stay in your bar until you tap part of it to enter the app or tap a small "x" on the right side to dismiss it, much like notifications from media players. Unfortunately, it will keep coming back if you don't go change the settings in the Facebook app. To disable it, open your Facebook app, tap "menu" (or the soft menu key) and tap into the Facebook settings. Scroll down to the very bottom of the list, where under "Advanced Notification Settings" you should see an option to uncheck "Ongoing notifications". (Some users report not seeing the setting, which we have yet to figure out the reason behind.)

While you're in there, you can also choose to disable any other notification from Facebook. This will be especially important if you happen to like the ongoing notification, because if you keep the other notifications turned on you will receive two Facebook notifications any time that something happens. We know, Facebook's settings are a mess, but if you're going to keep the app installed the least you can do is keep the notifications in check.


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How to turn off the new persistent Facebook notification


Download my app when I get v1 done and put on Google Play. The official FB app is garbage. I'm going as fast as I can.

Andrew, are you sure this is just from the Facebook app and not in combination with something else (like home or messenger)?

I updated to version 3.2 yesterday and do not see this setting, nor do I see the notification. I do not have messenger or home installed.

It's weird. I have the latest FB on my Nexus 4 with CM10.1 rom and i don't see the option.
My girlfriend's Moto Razr M stock updated FB last night and it HAS the option.
I don't understand it. I even uninstalled and reinstalled on mine and still doesn't have that "feature"

I am more concerned about the new permissions.

Allow facebook to collect images the camera is seeing AT ANY TIME...

Yeah.... NO!

I am lucky enough to have 2 phones, a Nexus 4 and a HTC one. The setting is on my nexus but not on the one, by any chance are people who are not seeing this setting have phones that can use Facebook home?

I don't have that in my settings and I can use home though my phone is not supported which is a Epic 4G Touch.

i did see the setting before, by pressing the notification in my status bar, no i dont see the persistent notification and do not have the setting

Ugh. Facebook seems to not be saving my changes or at least is turning my notifications back on a few days later.

Or you could just turn off the notifications altogether. They only work 50% of the time anyway, so you actually won't be missing many by turning notifications off.

Perhaps AC editors can use their vast powers to get Zuckerberg to cough up why some see this and some don't.

I "opted out" of the facebook app altogether since HTC allowed them uncontrolled access to my photo gallery. No other choice. So, I will just use the web if I need to go on facebook.

Could it be that people that are rooted can't do persistent notifications?

My play store hasn't updated to the latest either after I reset and rooted...

I don't see it either, and don't have persistent notification from FB. I just reinstalled it and have nothing. I'm on a VZW Note 2 rooted running scott's roms clean rom se 3.1.

Its weird, I have a Verizon Galaxy Note 2 rooted. And after the update I got the persistent notification thoughy it was kinda cool. Then I went to sleep and woke up and it was gone and the setting is gone as well. Weird its like they silently took it out.

I have a Note 2 but the aforementioned settings are not present in the menu. I had some FB notifications then I turned on and off them again and haven't seen more annoying notifications since then.

I have never used Facebook on my phone, but I'm aware the app is forced on us (apparently by Google). Am I going to be getting notifications from this thing, and does it have any access to what I'm doing on my phone, even though I haven't ever launched it?

Not sure why you think Google would push Facebook on you. Google would like you to use +. Google doesn't make money when you use Facebook to share links and stories unless it is a youtube link.

Some carriers and manufacturers do have Facebook as bloat on your phone. That might be what you are referring to. If you never create an account, or activate the app, it will not communicate outside your phone or use any memory or data.

If you just don't want to look at the app, you can install a third party launcher and hide the app without having to root. If you want to root your device, you can remove the app.

But, don't worry. Your Facebook app isn't some kind of malware that is hiding on your phone sending everything you do to people working at Facebook (at least as long as you don't activate it).

It has nothing to do with what type of phone. I have an lg optimis g and i dont have the option when im logged in on the app on my phone. But the option IS there when im logged into my moms fb on my app on the same phone. Some fbs have it, some dont. The phone doesnt matter.

I am so @#$&ing fed up with this facebook notification $*%& it has cost me over $30 because its using my att data I been changed 3 times for an extra gb and Since the first noticed of over charge I quit using my phone for internet the only thing I cant stop are the darn facebook notifications and all the darn game request stuff I dont use or care about on top of the so and so said this or that Im ripping mad at facebook right now!

I have an HTC ONE and did not think I had these settings either. I re-read the instructions and noted this "Scroll down to the very bottom of the list" then I found it. Lets see if it works.

If you cannot see the advanced notification setting you can click on the notifications to be off. It's under notification settings